Vice Golf Balls Review 2021: Do Vice Balls Really Offer Tour Performance?

Vice Golf Balls Reviews

Calling all golf aficionados!

Whether you are a golf connoisseur or a novice, as long as you have got the right golf ball on the tee, you will get the performance you need.

Vice golf balls are known around the world for their versatile qualities. If you are looking to get your first, third or five-hundredth golf ball, we have got a comprehensive vice golf balls review lined up for you!

Quick Overview – Top 7 Vice Golf Balls Reviews In 2021

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen
Vice Golf Pro Plus
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: Low
  • Dimple: 336

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Vice Golf Pro Golf Balls, White
Vice Golf Pro
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: High
  • Dimple: 318

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Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls, Lime (One Dozen)

Vice Golf Pro Soft
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: High
  • Dimple: 336

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Read along and get to know everything about purchasing the ideal set.

 1  Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball Review – Remarkable Distance

If you are looking to go the extra mile, give the Vice Pro Plus a shot. It is made of cast urethane to restrict flight and boost distance.

The Vice golf balls review considers the Pro Plus ideal for all long-distance shots. The 336 dimple design and the dual casing give the player great control on the ball. You will notice a high spin on short shots and a reduced backspin on long shots.

The material is superbly smooth and has half the thickness of a traditional distance golf ball. The best part is that the thin covering does not hamper its durability.

Plus, you do not need to fret the yellow tinge that comes with white urethane. The final outer coating of the ball has been chemically tampered to maintain the original white color so that you can spot it easily among the greens.

Additionally, the new S2TG technology stops the ball dead on the ground and keeps it from swerving when the wind blows.

The ball compression ratings are slightly on the lower side, so you will have to put in a bit of effort in your swing to get the distance going. This should not be a problem for pros and junior-level players, but novice golfers might run into some trouble.


  • Smooth material
  • Durable
  • High spin on short shots
  • S2TG technology
  • White color does not stain easily
  • Dual casing keeps ball flight lower and supports long distances


  • Low ball compression ratings

Our review of Vice Pro Plus Ball has an opinion that, it easily meets professional standards with its unique design and casing. It is excellent for long-distance shots as it keeps the backspin to a minimum. However, the ball’s S2TG technology can backfire if you are not able to counter its low compression feature.

 2  Vice Pro Golf Balls Review – Pro V1 Quality

Aim high and long with the Vice Pro series. You will get a solid amount of backspin and an insane launch height right from the tee off.

The name might suggest that the Pro Plus has got an edge over the Pro series, but according to Vice golf balls review, that is not the case.

This three-piece golf ball comes with 318 large dimples that reduce dispersion and cover a good distance. The design also reduces air resistance so that you can get a good speed out of your shot.

During testing, we noticed that the golf balls have a stable alignment. Hence, we are positive that the Vice Pro will help you with all your straight putting needs.

If you are thinking of getting the pearl white golf ball, you can rest assured it is not going to turn yellow under the sun. Vice Pro golf balls are equipped with high UV resistance and S2TG technology, which ensure their durability and give them a consistent feel around the greens.

However, the Vice Pro golf balls cannot compete with the long-distance and side spin provided by the Vice Pro Plus as the former has higher backspin and compression rates to facilitate greater speed and height.


  • Higher launch trajectory
  • Great speed and high spin rates
  • Reduced dispersion
  • Stable alignment
  • High UV resistance
  • Equipped with S2TG technology


  • Covers less distance and spin rates than the Pro Plus series

Vice Pro golf balls review by users suggests that, they are perfect for a speedy launch from the tee. The large dimple design reduces air-based dispersion and keeps a stable alignment. However, the spin and distance coverage is slightly lower than that of the Pro Plus.

 3  Vice Golf Tour Golf Ball Review – Great Ball for the Money

Stability is the name of the game here. The Vice Tour golf balls feature 392 aerodynamic dimples that minimize ball dispersion and give you a stable trajectory.

They offer a great combination of long-distance and straight alignment. When you first launch the ball from the tee, you will notice how lightweight it is. That is because the three-piece design covering it is extremely thin.

However, do not let the delicate design fool you. The Tour golf balls are highly resistant to crosswind dispersion, so you can work on getting a constant height and even momentum. They are also pretty durable and easy to control.

The golf ball coverings are made of DuPont Surlyn material, which gives you that hard plastic look, but it is still pretty soft to the touch. Hence, they are well-suited to players of all levels. They are also highly affordable, so you are sure to get a good bargain on these quality golf balls.

However, Vice Tour balls are not the fastest of the bunch and spin less than most other golf balls reviewed here. Thus, you can count on the Vice Tour mainly if you are looking to get a straight put from a long distance.


  • Highly stable trajectory
  • Minimum crosswind dispersion
  • Suited for players of all levels
  • Affordable
  • Covers long, straight distances well


  • Less speed
  • Low spin rate

It is a great investment for novice players looking to practice their straight putting skills. Professionals can also enjoy a combination of stability and durability. Plus, Vice Golf Tour balls are lightweight and easy to control. We hope you are not too bothered by the low spin rates, though.

 4  Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls – Feels as Good as Pro V1X

Vice Pro Soft golf balls are the first-ever cast urethane balls that have a matte neon finish that makes them easily visible across long distances.

We believe that it is the neon outer layer that boosts the Pro Soft’s trackability and makes it easy to locate anywhere in the greens.

These balls are also super-soft and highly responsive to varying club speeds due to their low compression. This means that they are great at long distances and can get a good launch height.

The 336 dimples in the design ensure good flexibility and durability, making the Vice Pro Soft an ideal choice for players wanting instant feedback from their swing.

The manufacturing of these golf balls needs a special mention, though. They are highly adhesive to the greens and give you great backspin with high control.

However, the Vice Pro Soft’s spin and speed rates are going to be affected by your swing speed. If you are a slow to medium-paced swinger, you might not be able to get the immediate responsiveness that other faster swingers might get.


  • Easy to track
  • Extra soft
  • Responsive to speedy swings
  • Can reach long distances


  • The spin rate depends on the swinger’s speed

The Vice Pro Soft golf balls are a product of stellar manufacturing and can give the player a great deal of swing flexibility. If you have a fast swing, this golf ball is right for you. You can easily enjoy the neon matte finish as the Pro Soft covers long distances and high trajectories.

 5  Vice Tour NBA Golf Balls – Great Inflight Stability

Get the best of both worlds with the Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia as it provides a stable trajectory coupled with high responsiveness on the greens.

The Unisex Vice Tour series is a great catch for two reasons. For starters, it offers one of the best long-distance and stability combinations among all the Vice golf balls we have reviewed.

Secondly, the design with 392 dimples is perfect for providing a stable alignment for a low put shot. You will notice the difference straight from the tee off.

The intense dimple design also limits air dispersion while the golf ball is in flight, so you can expect a constant speed and trajectory on your swing.

These balls come in a standard three-piece design and are extremely lightweight. The hard Surlyn covering also boosts the durability of golf balls.

You will notice that the coating is pretty thick which helps reduce air dispersion and keeps the ball flying as straight as possible.

On the downside, the Unisex Vice Tour golf balls are lacking in their iron spin, so you might have to work a bit if you want to make short shots. You will still have a little bit of initial spin, so you do not have to worry about the long-distance shots.


  • Constant, stable flight
  • Stable alignment
  • Minimum dispersion
  • Highly responsive on the green
  • Durable Surlyn covering


  • Low spin rates

Vice Golf Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia Golf Balls are ideal for all types of players. The combination of great in-flight stability and long-distance flights is a major selling point. You might have to think about the lack of iron spin on them, but then again, the low dispersion level means you will not have any alignment issues.

 6  Vice Golf Drive Golf Balls – Best Ball for the Money

Go crazy with the Vice Golf Drive Golf Balls series because there is very little chance you are going to get a cut on this one. You can consider it indestructible.

These two-piece golf balls are made to withstand hard-hitting shots. The Surlyn covering contains a super-soft core, but the outer layer is tough, allowing it to provide durability.

The core is also constructed in a way that is resistant to all types of wear and tear.

The 392 symmetrical dimples enable a constant, stable flight. Hence, once you have teed this ball off, you can expect a certain amount of buoyancy. Think of it similar to how a plastic ball floats on water. The movement is just breezy.

The balls are made to roll over in an exaggerated fashion so that you can get greater drive length. Long putters will surely enjoy this feature. We are also happy with the ball’s high visibility and alignment features. Talk about putting with precision.

However, if you are a fast swinger, this golf ball may not work for you. The ball has low compression rates, and its buoyancy feature is best suited for slow to medium-paced swingers.


  • Tough and cut-resistant
  • Ideal for slow to medium-paced swingers
  • The stable and buoyant in-flight trajectory
  • Straight alignment and minimum dispersion


  • Loses air buoyancy with fast swings

Drive’s cut-resistant design is a masterpiece. The soft inner core keeps the ball buoyant in flight and maintains a stable trajectory, while the hard Surlyn cover ensures ball durability across multiple rounds. Fast swingers will have to be careful, though, or else the ball may lose its buoyancy.

 7  Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack – For Custom Golf Ball Lovers

If you find it hard to stick to one style of play, we have got the ultimate gift for you. You can get a pair of five different Vice golf balls in the Select Variety Pack.

Our Vice golf balls review would have been incomplete if we had missed out on this variety pack. In this pack, you will get five different golf ball models in sleeves of two.

What this means is that you will get a total of ten balls, and that is going to include two of each style.

Hence, you can get two golf balls of the Vice Pro Plus, two of the Vice Pro Soft and the list goes on. This way, you get to enjoy five different high-quality golf ball styles in one pack. It can be a great assortment to help you figure out your best game.

The added benefit is that you get all this variety for a significantly cheaper price than what you would have to pay if you bought them all separately.

The only real downside to the Select Variety Pack is that you do not get to choose what color you get. Thus, there is a probability that you might get colors and styles with low visibility. This might hamper the ball’s trackability, which can be a let-down if that’s your preference.


  • Two balls of each style
  • Discounted price
  • The assortment of five golf ball styles


  • Can not pick the color

If you like to experiment and customize your game from time to time, you are going to enjoy the Variety Pack. However, do not get too carried away, as you might get all pearly whites and no neon limes in your box.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Vice Golf Balls Review

Vice Golf Balls Reviews

When you are purchasing golf balls online, it is important to read the description and understand the piece and its dimensions.

A golf ball’s construction and covering can alter its performance and significantly affect your play, so you need to give these factors due consideration.

Ball Covering

You need to be aware of the type of covering a ball includes. Notice that during our review, we made sure to mention the materials used in the ball’s construction. This will help you understand how hard or soft the ball will feel and its responsiveness to the green.

Ball Construction

There are about three main types of golf balls in the market. If you get a two-piece ball like the Vice Drive, you can get good distance or spin, depending on how the inner core is engineered. With a three- or four-piece design, you can get different spins but not a lot of distance. A high swinger can greatly benefit from a three-piece ball like the Vice Pro.

User Impressions

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Plus golf balls cover a lot of distance. They provide a great flight right off the tee and have a decent iron spin. Getting a bright colored ball also makes it easy to track it in the air.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

The distance and durability of these balls match the Pro Plus range. However, they can be pretty weather-dependent. Despite their lightweight feel, they can seem like you’re hitting a rock in the cold weather. While they are kind of on the pricey side, the speed and alignment are too good to pass on.

Vice Tour Golf Balls

They meet expectations right from the get-go. The Tour golf balls are probably one of the best bargains you can get in the world of golf. They perform just as well as high-quality balls but can feel a little hard to the touch.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

These balls are suitable for players with fast swings. Apart from the high visibility, they also give you a good spin and feel really soft. The lime green version is highly popular. Vice Pro Soft golf balls are considered high quality and are available at reasonable prices.

Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia

These balls offer great responsiveness on the green and are pretty stable in the air. They are barely affected by wind dispersion as well.

Vice Drive Golf Balls

These are solid balls with an extremely soft feel. They are also fairly weather resistant and will not lose their flexibility when played in cold weather. Slow swings can also get some extra distance.

Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack

This pack makes for a wonderful gift. The assortment allows you to explore which type suits your play best. The packaging is pretty attractive too. However, there is a nagging fear that you will not get the exact type of ball you are looking for.

Top 5 Best Selling Vice Golf Balls In 2021 – Comparison Chart

Best Vice Golf Balls: FAQs

Vice golf balls are admired across the world. If you are passionate about golf, you likely have some questions about them. Have a look at some frequently asked questions and see if your query has been answered here:

☑️ Which Ball Should I Play With?

There are a variety of factors that will determine the most suitable ball for your playing style. As a rule of thumb, make the decision based on your club speed and swinging style. For example, slow swingers usually go for high compression balls.

☑️ What Do You Mean by Compression Rates?

The compression of a golf ball can determine its density, distance and launch trajectory. A golf ball can either become flat or compressed depending on the force of impact. Your playing style will determine what compression rate would be most suitable for you.

☑️ Are Urethane Balls Better Than Non-Urethane Ones?

Yes and no. The main advantage of cast urethane covering is its soft feel and the added spin. If you like that, you will enjoy urethane balls more. However, if your preferences are different, you might want to go for other options like Surlyn.

☑️ What’s the Best Way to Test a New Ball?

Usually, we test the launch trajectory and the responsiveness to the greens. However, we recommend you play a variety of short and long shots to get an idea of the ball’s performance.

☑️ Have a Low Swing Speed, Should I Purchase the Vice Pro Soft or Drive?

The Drive is ideal for slow to medium-paced swings, while the Pro Softworks is better with faster swings. If you’re in the 85 to 90 mph range, you can also try the Vice Tour golf balls.


In this Vice golf balls review, we’ve covered seven different golf ball styles. Each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The kind of ball that is ideal for you truly depends on your playing style and level.

If we had to recommend one, we would probably pick Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls. The tough outer and cut-resistant design means you have got a durable set on your hands. Plus, you get great rollover extension, high responsiveness on the greens and minimum dispersion. You can use this ball for all types of weather conditions.

Our second choice would be the Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls. These are definitely a crowd pleaser and live up to their reputation of high-quality golf balls for a fraction of the cost. If you’re on a budget, you can surely benefit from a pack of these.

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