Top 4 Snell Golf Balls Review in 2021 [#1 is Awesome]

Snell Golf Balls ReviewWhen sports mix with sophistication, you get the Golf to Play.

It might not be a hardcore sport like football or cricket, but it is the game of elegance and aristocracy where you don’t have to be fit like athletes.

If you are the real player of a golf game, then you might be fanatic about the technicalities of the sport, and this includes better knowledge about golf balls.

When it comes to golf balls, Snell Golf Balls are the best and popular choice indeed. To help you understand Snell Golf Balls, here is a Snell Golf Balls Review below.

This guide is the comprehensive review of Snell Golf Balls that can help you understand this particular golf ball and its importance in the sport. Plus, you will also come across the reviews of some popular options of Snell Golf Balls along with a helpful buyer’s guide.

Quick Overview – Snell Golf Balls Review

  • Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls – This is the best Black MTB Snell Golf Ball with 7% less compression compared to authentic MTB, thereby offering low spin and covers a longer distance.
  • Snell Get Sum Golf Balls – Low Compression core, Soft and durable, this Snell Golf ball offers little spin and long-distance coverage, and its core cover combination helps the golfers to get the ball in the air quickly.
  • Snell MTB-X Golf Balls – It comes with the new smaller core that delivers faster speed, and lower driver spin and its thicker and firmer mantle layer enhance the short and mid-iron approach shots.
  • Snell 50 Mix Golf Balls – This is the recycled golf ball that comes with Mint AAAAA Grade, and it is almost new in visual signs, and it guarantees ultimate performance like a new ball when hitting it tightly with your club.

Top 4 Best Snell Golf Balls Review In 2021

Snell Golf Balls are the best golf balls that are being used by golfers across the world. When golfers need to achieve longer drives and speed, Snell Golf Balls are the first choice. With higher velocity, this golf ball can deliver lower driver spin rates.

Most of the Snell Golf Balls mentioned on this Snell Golf Balls Review have cast urethane exterior, and this offers a softer feel. All have firmer construction that ensures the overall durability of the golf ball.

 1  Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls – Best Snell Ball in Budget

Players who are in budget and want to save money without compromising on performance must settle with Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls. This Snell Golf Ball is a 3-piece design that provides the players great distance and softer feel. This golf ball has re-engineered to improvise the aerodynamics.

It has optimized ball flights and consistent short game spin during playtime.

Design and Technology: The 3-piece construction of the Snell ball features a compression rating of 75-80, and this reduction in the compression does not combine with substantial distance loss.

It can still offer you a feeling of firmness.

As per the Snell MTB Black Review, the ball comes with covering made out of urethane, and this is why it offers optimal short game spin.

It makes it the personal favorite in the Snell ball line-up. The urethane covering provides quick stopping greenside control and optimal distance cover.

Performance: Golfers have very high expectations with MTB Black Snell Golf Ball, and it satisfies the expectations well with its performance. It outlasts and outperforms for the golfers.

In terms of performance, you will see no distance loss with any club in your bag, and you will also see long and middle iron flying about a half club longer with the MTB Black Snell Ball.

You will feel slightly firmer, and even comparing it with an industry-leading golf ball, the performance for MTB black is always impressive.

Specifications: MTB Black Snell Ball is offered in both optic yellow and white, and you can purchase it by dozen, and with bulk pricing, you can save lots of money.

This Snell Ball is available at a meager price, and every penny you invest would be worth as it offers optimal performance and specs. The Test pack is open to the players where the players can see which ball is best suited for your game and make the selection accordingly.

The Good

One thing that is truly inspiring about MTB Black Snell Ball is that cost, which is very lowest as compared to those industry-leading golf balls. It offers both excellent performance and better pricing for the golfers who want to balance many things in their golfing career.

The softer MTB Black enables the golfers to dial in the feel preference without compromising on performance. Having the best fit in a golf ball is essential, and MTB Black Snell Ball offers a new option for players

The Bad

There is no major pitfall associated with the Snell ball. The only bad thing is the compression rating, which is below 100. It may not be ideal for some golfers. There is also a lack of personalization options.


  • Softer and better fell without compromising on distance cover and consistency
  • Tour-level performance with MTB Black
  • Trail pack is available, and this helps you to find the best-suited ball for your golfing needs


  • Limited Customization options with the Snell ball
  • Not available in local demoing and players need to buy trail pack to test first

MTB Black Snell Ball is the best pricing model for golfers who want to maintain the budget and performance. It offers tour-level performance without the premium price tag. The trial pack offerings allow golfers to find the best option as per their golfing needs. Overall it is best Snell Ball to settle with if you are on a budget.

 2  Snell Get Sum Golf Balls – Best High Performance Golf Ball

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls bring you a sound option with overall optimal performance. The two-piece design of the ball is quite unusual for golfers who are looking for optimal durability, and this golf ball represents the best solution when it comes to playing golf for recreational purposes.

It offers the best solution for a low spin with low compression. The design of the ball is quite appealing that comes with surly covering. Below is the complete review of Snell Get Sum Golf Balls.

Design and Performance: Snell Get Sum Golf Balls use two-piece designs, and due to its unique construction, it is not the first choice of tour golfers. It comes with improved performance with many options. It represents a robust construction with higher durability because of its Surlyn Covering.

The design of the golf ball allows golfers to maximize the performance and spin control, irrespective of the number of layers. The golf ball has also shown improvised performance when it comes to the straightness of trajectory.

It ensures better results than other general two-piece design. The covering it has is the durable option out there, and it is the best solution for average players.

The Feel: The Snell Get Sum Golf Balls join the elite group of value-priced Snell ball that has the feel like other expensive Snell balls. On the other hand, it is the softer option than Pro V1 without any crispness.

Based on the golfer and putter, this Snell Ball falls into the category of Mushy, but it is more delicate at the same time.

Long Game: The major selling point of this Snell ball is low spin rates in long games. It covers longer distances and fewer curves. Not all golfers see longer distances with the smaller spins and not with all clubs.

Short Game: This Snell Ball is all about less spin and slice reduction, and the quick game spin from this Snell Ball is not so good, but you will be amazed to see the wedge spin with the ball is equal to or even better than mid-tier golf balls.

The Good

This Snell golf ball has the feel like the expensive models in the market. It is softer than other premium models without any crispness. The low spin of the golf ball is quite attractive, especially the flat spin rate in the long game. This Snell Ball offers Wedge Spin, which is better than mid-range golf balls, and this is something that you can’t enjoy with other golf balls.

The Bad

It is not a cheaper Snell Ball like other typical Snell ball. The 2-piece design doesn’t provide the same performance.


  • Excellent feel, spin control and distance from 2-piece Snell Golf Ball
  • Bulk pricing is available to make it easier for golfers to buy it
  • It comes with optic yellow and white finishes enable golfers to find the preferred look


  • Performance of 2-piece ball is not at all the same
  • No significant reduction of slice or hook spin seen

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls offer the golfers to develop their golfing without over-stressing how much to spend in golf balls. It is one of the best performing 2-piece balls, and it is not for golfers with a limited budget.

 3   Snell MTB-X Golf Balls – Latest 3-Piece Design Offering with High Performance Ratings

Golfers looking for the best and high performing Snell Golf Ball must give a try to Snell MTB-X Golf Balls, which come with a latest 3-piece design for superior distance, more top iron spin, and refined aerodynamics.

This Snell Ball offers a smaller core for covering higher range, and the firmer and thicker mantle layer ensures higher turn with irons and offers firmer fell.

This Snell Golf Ball sustains a firmer feel for the golfers on approach shots, and the distance that it covers is incredible. It features 360-dimple patterns, and this new design offers low lift/low drag for minimal ballooning in the wind and for offering controlled ball flight.

The Feel: The first thing golfers notice about Snell MTB-X Golf Balls is the feel. It is firmer, and you can observe it on putts, and you will not feel any visible differences on shots and full shots around the green.

The Snell MTB-X Golf Balls fell squishier at the impact with the putter, and this is where the biggest leap on this Snell ball.

Hot Off the Putter: The Snell Ball indeed took off at a higher impact compared to other balls. You will immediately notice that the Snell Ball seems to be hotter than other balls after a shot.

Durability: When it comes to durability, Snell MTB-X Golf Balls always excel. You can use a single ball for 360 holes, and even after 36 holes, it looks fresh and new. There will be no cuts or scrapes and, the ball is still playable.

Short Game Performance: The Snell Ball has excellent short game performance as it features CAST Urethane cover for optimal control, durability, and feel in a quick game.

The Good

Thicker and firmer mantle layer offers higher spin and firmer feel and other Snell balls with compression rating between 85 and 90. Low lift/low drag for refined aerodynamics and ball flight control to minimize the ballooning. It offers better performance while in the wind.

The thicker mantle layer ensures increased short and mid-iron approach shots. The latest smaller core offers faster speeds and low driver spin. 360-degree dimple pattern offers the best low drag aerodynamics for controlled flights.

The Bad

The Snell Ball flies too higher and these results in a loss in distance and inconsistency. It is not an affordable Snell Ball indeed and no trail test pack available for golfers.


  • It sustains the firmer fell on tee and approach shots
  • 3-piece unique ball offering smaller core for superior distance
  • Refined aerodynamics for enhanced performance when playing in the wind
  • Firmer and thicker mantel layer for a higher spin with irons
  • CAST Urethane covering for better durability and control


  • It is quite pricy than other models of Snell Balls
  • No trail test pack available or bulk pricing
  • Inconsistency and loss in the distance when the ball flies higher

No matter what feel you prefer, but Snell MTB-X Golf Balls is the best in the Snell line up. It might be quite pricy, but it never lacks in spin control, feels, or distance. Choosing it would be a viable option indeed.

 4  Snell 50 Mix - Mint (AAAAA) Grade – Best Recycled Snell Balls in Mint Grade

Snell 50 Mix 5A Mint Grade is the tour-calibre 3-piece Snell Ball that comes with urethane tour-level covering with minimal compression ratings and softer feel. This Snell balls is recycled and has very insignificant blemishes and can gain longer distance with ease off the tee and approach shots.

You can cover a longer range with low driver spin, and it has better spin control on shorter shots too for better playtime on the green.

It comes with soft Surlyn covering that promotes softer feel and straighter shots by minimizing the spins.

Mint Grade 5A Design: Snell 50 Mix 5A Mint Grade is the Mint Grade 5A Snell ball that is almost new without any visible signs of wear, making it the best recycled Snell Ball to buy today. Despite being cast-off, it promises to perform like a new Snell ball.

Tour Grade Snell Ball: This is the Tour-Grade ball that comes in the 3-piece design and has tour caliber specifications, and this offers exceptional tee shots to green performance. It focuses on enhancing the scoring for golfers of all levels

Durability: The cover layer of the ball has thermoset cast urethane, and this technology allows thin covers for a better shot and spin control.

Best Core Design: The core of the Snell Ball has low compression ratings. It has a softer feel with a very higher velocity that can help achieve a higher speed, irrespective of the swing acceleration, and this generates low driver spin rates for long-distance shots.

Durable Mantle Layer: The Snell Ball comes with a mantle layer that performs best for longer shots to maintain better control over spins, and it works optimally with the thin, soft cast urethane cover for short irons and chip shots. It generates higher spin rates for optimal control over greens.

The Good

The appearance and feel of the Snell Ball are like a new one, despite being recycled. It has very minimal blemishes and promises to perform like a new tour ball. Player pen markings and logos of any sizes and shapes are not present.

It comes with no player markings and corporate logos, and it is factory refinished and recycled with no logos. It feels and appears like a new Tour Grade Ball and performs similar to a new ball on greens. The Condition of the Snell ball is just identical to a new ball that has played for fewer holes.

Slighting discoloration, minimal blemishes, and loss of luster which are negligible. This recycled Snell ball is free from cuts and scrapes, and higher grade X-outs and practice balls are present in the package

The Bad

Minor discoloration and cosmetic blemishes with few balls in the package. It is free from scrapes and cuts, but you can see some stains and smudged print on some of the Snell balls in the box.

Higher grade X-Out balls are present, and hence performance may be comprised in some cases.


  • Exceptional durability and feel despite being recycled
  • Unique 3-piece construction with 360-degree dimple finishing
  • Urethane cover offers short game control
  • Recycled in adherence to USGA standards and legal for tournament play
  • The package contains MTB Black and MTB Blue Snell Balls
  • Only 7% less compression core compared to the new Snell Ball this maximizes the distances with the low spin off the driver


  • Minor blemishes and discoloration issue with few balls
  • Doesn’t pass the strict quality inspection for Mint
  • Some shots may comprise of player marks and corporate logos

Despite being recycled, Snell 50 Mix 5A Mint Grade has 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It is the Snell ball designed for players who want to enjoy better shots and spin control without compromising on budget and performance. It is the best recycled Snell Ball to buy today.

Best Snell Golf Balls Review: Buyer’s Guide

Well, when it comes to buying Snell Golf Balls, you must keep certain things in mind as not all Snell Golf Balls are the same. You need to equip yourself with the right knowledge to learn What is the Different between Snell Red and Black Ball, and there are also other factors that you need to keep in mind.

Top 4 Snell Golf Balls Review

Durability and Quality

The very first thing is to check the durability and quality of the Snell Golf Balls. There are some models where you will notice cuts and wear right from the first shot. Some of the balls may develop sharp, dull edges, and some have cut easily on wedge strikes. So, you need to be careful enough when making the selection of Snell Golf Balls.

Compression Ratings

The next important factor to keep in mind is the compression rating of the Snell Golf Balls. You need to ensure that the compression rating of the Snell Golf Balls is always higher if you want to enjoy better spin control and cover a longer distance with the Snell golf ball.

The Feel

The softer balls offer the best feeling, but they are low in spin control and slower. So, you need to choose accordingly. You must focus more on performance rather than feel when buying Snell Golf Balls.

Bulk Purchasing

Many companies are there offering direct to consumer option, and you can buy Snell Golf Balls from such companies in bulk to save lots of money. You may look for such DTC companies to avail of volume discounts.

Spin Control

Spin control is essential to consider, but along with this, you also need greenside power, and this not always mean that ball that spins the more with the wedges; instead, the right shot is the one that performs well across the golf course.

So, these were some of the factors which you are required to keep in mind when making the selection of best Snell Golf Balls for your next golfing tour or tournament.

Snell Golf Balls Review: FAQs

Below is some of the frequently asked question about the best Snell Golf Balls. You may go through these FAQs to learn more about the best Snell Golf Balls, which are useful for your golfing career.

☑️ Which Snell Ball is Like Pro V1?

The Snell MTB Black can be launched higher with less spin, and it is known to be the best Snell Ball with a similar performance like Pro V1. MTB-X series is also the best alternative to Pro V1, and it is worth buying.

☑️ What is the Different Between Snell Red and Black?

The Snell MTB Red Golf Balls have a higher spin on short irons and approaches, while this is lacking with Snell Black, and this is the significant difference in both these models. MTB Black has less spin than red on short irons, but it flies lower from slightly more penetrating ball flight.

☑️ What is the Compression of Snell Golf Ball?

The best compression for Snell Golf Balls is between 85 and 90. The Snell Golf Balls with higher compression would offer a slightly firmer feel. The 3-Piece models have low compression with 360-degree dimple patterns, and this maximizes the distance by minimizing the driver spin.

Top 3 Best Sellers Snell Golf Balls In 2021


Well, based on this Snell Golf Balls Review, it is confirmed that the best Snell ball to consider for your golfing career is the Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls and for many good reasons. It is for budget-conscious golfers, and it comes with all specifications and features that a golfer looks for in a tour-grade Snell Golf Balls.

If you are looking for the best affordable ball without compromising on the speed and spin control, then ensure to settle with Snell 50 Mix Golf Balls, which is the recycled model but with almost all features of a tour-grade Snell ball.

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