Proven: The Most Effective Way To Improve Your Putting Skills

Putting is absolutely vital towards success in golf.  Most golfers do not realize how many times they use their putter in one round.  Generally, nearly 40-45% of all shots at a golf course are putts. Naturally, improving your putting also improves your overall score with golf.

Indoor putting mats are a great way to keep your game sharp even when there are times when you cannot be outside such as rain or snow. Not only are you able to practice indoors, but you can also have your favorite golf tournament on TV while you do it. It is a great way to sharpen your game.  The Putterball Multipurpose Putting green is the best value for the money. It is a beer pong putting green that not only works as a practice aid at home, but can also be something you take to the beach or your backyard with your family.  Being so portable, you get to pack it up anywhere.

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You can use this product to do different putting drills in order to improve your putting. One of the best putting drills that our readers use daily is a 3, 6, 9 drill. The drill is very simple and can be used on any of the recommended putting greens from the article “9 Best Indoor Putting Greens.” To start, you place 3 markers – one at three feet, one at six feet, and one at nine feet.  These can be tees if on a real putting green, or can be something as simple as some loose change if on a synthetic indoor putting green such as the Putterball. You must make 3 putts from 3 feet, 3 putts from 6 feet, and then 3 putts from 9 feet all in a row. If you miss one putt at any point, you must return to the 3 feet starting point. What actually ends up happening is, by the end of the drill you might have made a total of 50 three foot putts before you have left. It also puts pressure on you to make the last 9 foot putt as you have invested all the time to get there and do not want to start over again. Simulating pressure is a great way to get better at golf!

Another way to improve putting is a simple one that doesn’t include getting up and making putts. It actually involves going to a store and getting your putter fitted for you personally. Today, many people buy $500 drivers, and grab a putter off of the shelf.  As we talked about nearly 50% of your golf shots are putting – so what sense does that make?  Take the time and spend a little on getting fitted for your putter. You may need a loft/lie adjustment, and definitely a length adjustment specifically for your needs. A new grip may be needed as well – with all the different varieties in the market, it may be a good time to find one as well that fits your game.

Using the drills with your custom putter on any of the recommended putting mats will guarantee your success with putting the next time you tee it up!

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