What Kind of Mower is Used for Golf Greens?

Golf Green MowersGolf is a luxurious game due to its expensive equipment for maintenance.

If you are choosing playing clubs or maintenance tools, you are required to keep in mind all aspects related to quality as it is a pricey investment.

To maintain the large area of the golf course at perfection, you need reliable brands with cutting edge technology.

For getting a perfect level in cutting the turf, you need to know the equipment of mowing. A captain must have appropriate knowledge related to maintenance to get uniformity in the height of turf. As a captain, you have to maintain the whole golf area with a perfect appearance.

Mowing a golf course consumes a lot of our time in a day by day maintenance. Separate mowers may be required for different areas of the golf course because most mowers can’t overlap from one part of the golf course to others.

Before you buy a mower for golf greens, you need to know what kind of mower is right for it.

The most important mowers are golf greens mowers as they get ready the putting surface i.e. the important playing area of the golf course that needs intensive management with the lowest cut height. Commercial lawn mowers would be the best choice for golf greens.

Special Mowers

For golf course mowing, ordinary home lawn mowers are not appropriate. Special mowers are used to cut and keep the grass so short on the golf course. Golf greens mowers are not rotary mowers like mowers used at home. Instead, reel mowers are used for mowing golf courses.

The reel in reel mowers spins and cuts the grass like a sharp scissor cuts the paper. The cutting height is adjusted by setting the difference between the rear and front rollers.

Special Mowers

Regular sharpening of the blade and consistent maintenance is required to keep the mower in the best condition. Feeler tape of different width is used to gauge the clearance among the bed knife and the reel.

A feeler tape runs between the bed knife and reel to ensure the perfect cleaning. The blades are subjected to wear due to sand, stones, debris, and routine use. Experts and professionals grind the blades to sharpen them several times a year.

Mowers for Putting Greens

For putting greens, mowers come in basically two types i.e. walk-behind mowers and triplex mowers that are riding mowers with three wheels and three cutting blades.

For putting greens, the walk-behind mower is preferred as it creates the best cut quality and maximum conditioning of putting greens. But walk mowing greens need significant time to complete.

On the other hand, riding triplex mowers are big and work efficiently but it is very difficult to set 3 cutting blades to get the same putting quality, cut quality, and appearance of the greens can be affected.

Mowers For Putting Greens

All golf greens mowers and most mowers for the golf course are reel mowers. Normally homeowners are more aware of rotary mowers that are used for lawns and many other sports fields.

Typical lawn mowers come with only a single blade that is sharpened on both edges, fixed under the mower deck horizontally and when the blade moves quickly, it produces a vacuum effect to let the grass stand up and cut it with a horizontally rotating blade.

Rotary mowers result in a cut similar to ax or scythe. Consequently, even the sharpest blade will result in tearing of the grass leaf which increases with the dullness of the blade.

A reel mower is also known as cylinder mower which cuts the grass blade by catching the grass between the bed knife and the reel edge. This mechanism cuts the grass just like a scissor cut the paper.

Such mowers are much friendlier to the grass as it doesn’t harm the grass during the mowing process. Moreover, all the reel mowers have a choice for mounting a roller that neatly put down the grass flat during the mowing process. This is the thing which produces those outstanding stripes we are looking for.

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Types of Mowers Used for Golf Greens

Reel Mower

A perfect example of a reel mower is the manual lawn mower in your backyard. A reel is a helical assembly of blades mounted horizontally for cutting the grass. It is the traditional tool that is found in every house where the lawn exists.

The advanced version of golf greens mower can be employed for covering huge areas. Manufacturing companies mount 1 to 5 reels with a variety of automatic mowers to get the task of turf maintenance done. Reels move in a cylindrical motion and creates a perfect cut at a specific height.

Rotary Mower

Rotary is the most recent mechanism of mowers introduced in the market and gaining massive popularity. Just like the reel mower, you will also find its manually operating model which is easy to operate by pushing forward.

However, it’s electronic & fuel supporting engines are more preferred. This kind of mowers has rotary blades that trim the grass from upward. The blades rotate horizontally at rapid speed to cut down the grass at a specific height. This model of mowers works much faster than reels.

Comparison of Golf Greens Mowers

Here is the comparison of both types of golf greens mowers in terms of perfection, time consumption and location compatibility.

Locations Compatibility

In terms of compatibility with various surfaces and terrains, rotary mowers are better than reel mowers. You can use rotary mowers for eliminating weeds from your backyard. It works efficiently in rough areas without getting any damage.


In terms of perfection, no other mower can beat the reel mower cut quality. The helical construction of the blade of reel mower cut the grass like a scissor at the perfect height. On the other hand, rotary mowers can’t trim and cut the grass at a lower height with perfection.

If you are willing to cut the grass at 1-inch height with evenness in a large area, you can go for Toro, Jacobsen or John Deere golf greens mower. They are well-known suppliers of trustworthy and reliable golf course maintenance tools.

Time Consumption

If you are looking for the quickest tool for mowing a huge area, the rotary mower is best in terms of performance. Nothing can beat the rapid and fastest performance of the rotary mower.

The blades of a rotary mower work quickly and are suitable for cutting large areas. It can cut the grass with a height of 1-2 feet. Reel mowers are appropriate for low height grass.

Golf Green Mower

Important Features to Look for in a Golf Course Mower

Fast operation: The golf course is a huge area to maintain. Typically for an 18 holes golf course, it is a 30 hectares land where you need to operate the mower regularly.

For mowing in such a large area, you are required to give hours of hard work. That’s why the engine of golf course mower needs to be powerful enough to work quickly with remaining compatible with all heights.

Compatibility of Blades with All Lengths: All the golf course mowers are not able to cut the grass according to your expectations. If you are using mower in a fairway area or the trees, there are chances that they root out the turf. You must check it before buying it.

You can operate and check the mower practically by adjusting the blade at all lengths to access its proficiency. If it didn’t work well in the test, go for other brands.

Ease of Use for an Extended Time: The golf courses are not similar to our home lawn that needs very less time to complete the mowing task. The golf courses are huge and the mower for the golf course needs to be comfortable for the person to use it for long hours.

You should check that the seat is comfortable and a roof for protection against the sun. Some mowers come with a cool canopy that enables you to sit for hours with great comfort.

Blades Expansion Possibilities: You should go for turf tools that have more than one blade attachment options. Many prominent manufacturer companies like Toro and John Deere are providing mowers that can run 5 blades in various directions to make your task stress free.

Availability of Replacement Parts: For both rotary and reel mowers, everything should be available in the market in case of any damage. You can ask the customer care center about the availability of replacement parts. Blades play a significant role in the cut quality of your turf.

Even if your mower is branded and high quality but you are using low-quality blades then the results would be disappointing. Ensure that the manufacturing companies are distributing replacement parts through the market or online in your area before you buy a new model.

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Keep in mind that the appearance of a golf course mostly depends on the quality of its turf. the productivity of your golf course depends on the interest of the players in its turf quality. So you must not compromise with the quality of mower for your golf greens.

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