5 Best Callaway Rogue Driver Reviews 2021 [#3 is Best]

Callaway Rogue Driver ReviewsIf you want to get the most out of your golfing experience, you need the right equipment. You can’t settle for just about anything, especially not when it comes to drivers.

For this Callaway Rogue Driver reviews, I did the homework and got all the important details. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

What Makes Callaway Rogue Drivers Special?

Before we look at these Callaway rogue drivers, I wanted to talk about the technology used. Since they are all under the same banner, they share some characteristics. Here, I will highlight what they are and how they improve your game. These are:

  • Jailbreak technology
  • X-Face VFT architecture
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • Advanced aero package

Callaway’s Rogue Drivers incorporate Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT architecture. Hourglass-shaped titanium bars are used in their constructions, which are light but successfully stiffen the crown and sole. Thanks to them, the face can withstand more impact, which promotes ball speed and distance.

The Rogue also has a new head shape. Callaway uses carbon composites in its products and with the Rogue, it used the Triaxial Carbon Crown. Thanks to this, the Callaway Rogue Drivers are all significantly lighter, which is why it is one of the best choice for seasoned golfers. The weight redistribution has made it possible to increase MOI and forgiveness drastically.

5 Callaway Rogue Driver Reviews and Comparison 2021

Head speed has also improved, as Callaway collaborated with Boeing to create an advanced aero package. In the case of Callaway Rogue, the geometry of its leading-edge was restructured, so it has better airflow and faster head speed.

Now that we understand the technology involved, let’s get down to business. The Rogue is the follow-up entry to Callaway’s Epic. The Epic impressed reviewers and players alike, but the Callaway Rogue is no slouch either. We have combed the market for the best Callaway Rogue Drivers and came up with the list below.

1. Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver – Fast and Lightweight

The men’s Callway Rogue Driver possesses all the advanced technology crafted by the manufacturer for the Rogue line, including the Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT architecture.

Worth mentioning is that it’s fairly lightweight while being strong thanks to the Triaxial Carbon Crown. Callaway used this to promote forgiveness and MOI.

Thus, you can enjoy ample amounts of both with each swing. The Callaway Rogue also offers a great deal of stability for every shot.

To top it all off, Callaway even offers a host of different shaft options. You’ll easily find what is best for you because the options are so diverse. The options in terms of weight range from 40g up to 70g. Of course, each one offers a distinct feel from the other.

On the downside, the efforts to promote stability are a bit of a double-edged sword. With the Rogue, the shots are so stable that you won’t be able to identify mishits right away. If you pay close attention to the sound, you might fare better, but generally speaking, it can be hard to tell. This is one of the reason why it is one the highest selling and best Callaway driver.

On top of that, there is no sliding weight feature. This was also done to promote stability. You can still tweak the lie angle and loft through the adjustable hosel, but the center of gravity can’t be changed.


  • Jailbreak technology promotes impressive ball speeds
  • Extremely stable shots
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown serves to make it lighter
  • High forgiveness and MOI
  • Variety of shaft options


  • Stability can make it hard to identify mishits
  • Center of gravity can’t be changed
  • No sliding weight feature

A fitting successor to the Epic, Callaway’s Rogue Driver is a great fit for golfers at all skill levels. While stability can cause some minor problems, the driver itself offers so many benefits. The ball speed and distance, in particular, are objectively impressive.

2. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver – Designed for Female Golfers

The specific model we’re looking at here is the Quaranta 40g shaft with a 13.5-degree loft and a ladies flex.

As this entry in the Rogue, the line is geared toward women, it’s generally “smaller” than its counterparts, so it’s even lighter and has a narrower shaft.

As one of the largest providers of golf equipment, Callaway has a solid idea of how to construct equipment for women. This is easily observed with the Women’s Callaway Rogue Driver.

Not only does it boast the benefits of the Rogue line, but it also makes the relevant adjustments to accommodate female golfers. For example, in terms of the shaft, it offers the 40g Aldila Quaranta. This increases the lightness of the rogue driver, making better shots.

As a member of the Rogue Driver family, the product also boasts the same impressive technology.

Hence, Jailbreak, X-Face VFT, Triaxial Carbon Crown, and the hourglass titanium bars all come together in an impressive package. From the first swing, you’ll be able to tell that your shots go further and have more stability.

The Speed Step technology has also been developed to rework the geometry of the leading edge. Thus, the Callaway Rogue increases the efficiency of Speed Step by offering more in terms of head speed and airflow. In the same vein, the Triaxial Carbon Crown boosts the MOI and forgiveness exponentially.

The combination of Jailbreak and VFT, in particular, is the best aspect of the Callaway Rogue Driver because you experience an immediate boost to your ball speed and accuracy. As it is so lightweight, you won’t feel any strain from the weight either. The head size is also fairly big, so you’ll always make your shots from the right place.

However, you don’t get any variety in terms of shaft selection. The Aldila Quaranta is the only one available. It’s fairly light, so most players should feel comfortable using it, but for more experienced golfers, this is a downside as the lighter weight won’t impact their game.

Also, note that the length of the shaft might be too short for taller women. Aside from this, the Women’s Rogue Driver is a bit more expensive than some other options, which can be discouraging.


  • Jailbreak technology leads to faster shots
  • Great capabilities for increased accuracy and distance
  • X-Face VFT can handle higher impact shots
  • Good reviews and rating on the internet


  • No variety in shaft selection
  • Relatively pricey

The Women’s Rogue Driver was designed to accommodate female golfers. While it could offer more shaft variety, it’s still one of the best on the market. At the end of the day, women looking to improve their game cannot go wrong by purchasing this top rated Callaway Rogue Driver.

3. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Subzero Driver – Designed for Pros

This entry was designed with professional players in mind.

Callaway insists that it’s so forgiving that golfers at any level can use it and enjoy themselves. It has all the benefits of Rogue Drivers on top of its features.

Being among the Callaway Rogue Drivers, it is engineered using Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT, both of which work in conjunction to provide greater ball speed and distance.

Of course, there’s the Triaxial Carbon Crown, which allows the driver to become much lighter while promoting MOI and lowering spin.

Low spin is the trademark of the Sub Zero, so if that’s something you’re looking for, this is perfect for you. The design of the Sub Zero is such that even if you keep the weight back (which offers more spin) and use a high-spin shaft (like EvenFlow Blue), you won’t be getting much spin.

While the low spin is impressive by itself, it comes at a price. The Sub Zero is not as forgiving as the standard Rogue Driver. When you keep the weight back, it is functionally similar to the standard driver, even in terms of forgiveness.

However, if you keep the weight forward, you’ll note that its forgiveness drastically goes down. Simply changing the weights can be pretty disorienting. If you keep the weight forward, it feels quite uncoordinated at first.


  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent low spin capabilities
  • Can change weights to adjust spin
  • Impressive ball speed and distance
  • Very aerodynamic
  • Designed for professional players


  • Forgiveness is reduced if you keep the weight forward
  • Changing the weights can be disorienting at first

Though it’s designed for a professional play, you can enjoy the low spin capabilities of the Sub Zero at any level. If you are inexperienced, you should keep the weight back, but if you are looking for a challenge as a veteran, you can try by keeping the weight forward.

4. Callaway Rogue Driver, 10.5°, Graphite, Regular – Best for Beginners

Now, we will look at the Callaway Rogue Driver which features a 10.5° loft and a graphite shaft. This driver also has a regular flex, making it a good fit for most golfers.

With this driver, you can experience the benefits of the Rogue line combined with those of a graphite shaft.

Jailbreak technology greatly improved ball speed. The hourglass-shaped titanium rods keep the crown and sole stiff without adding extra weight. Additionally, the X-Face VFT architecture supports this by making areas of the face thicker and thinner.

Callaway also redistributed the weight of the head, making it lighter. As a result, these drivers offer a lot of forgiveness and tighter shot dispersion. The Triaxial Carbon Crown also makes them much lighter, and Callaway has used this to increase MOI.

Changes were also made to the geometry of the leading edge. Callaway worked with Boeing on this. With Boeing’s help, the Callaway Rogue Driver became very charitable in terms of radius. The benefit is that the air is successfully able to stay near the driver’s surface for longer periods.

Thanks to the graphite shaft, it happens to be even lighter. Another positive note about it is that mishits are less painful since vibrations are suppressed. Thus, if you deal with pain in your arms or shoulders, this driver is the one to look at.

With a 10.5° driver, you also get to enjoy decent backspin, keeping your shots straight. Your shots will also travel pretty high, so you won’t miss out on loft/accuracy. With gentler swing speeds, the higher loft will improve your game.

Note that this driver has a regular flex, adding to its beginner-friendly appeal. Hence, regular or average shots can still get a fair amount of speed and distance.

On the downside, graphite might be too flexible for some players. You might get more speed and distance, but your bad shots will undoubtedly look much worse too, so you won’t be able to cover for any mishits.

Also worth noting is that this option might just be too beginner-friendly for some experienced players. The loft height, in particular, will not offer any substantial benefits to veteran golfers.


  • Excellent ball speed and distance
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown and graphite shaft make it extremely light
  • The graphite shaft is forgiving with mishits
  • 5° driver means straighter shots
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Graphite might be too flexible for some players
  • Too much loft for some advanced players

On the whole, this is an impressive golf driver that provides ample speed and distance. More than that, it’s the perfect beginner’s driver since it helps you develop your skills without punishing your mishits too much.

5. Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver – Perfect for Experienced Golfers

Next on the list is the 9° graphite with a stiff flex. It might seem similar to the one I just discussed above, but it is quite different. The similarities exist more so on paper than in practice.

Callaway’s Rogue Drivers are some of the lightest in the market. This is because of the Triaxial Carbon Crown and aerodynamic technology engineered by Callaway and Boeing. Other technologies include Jailbreak bars. They are hourglass-shaped and made of titanium.

This makes them much lighter, improving ball speed and distance. The X-Face VFT architecture is also noteworthy as it stiffens parts of the structure, allowing your driver to withstand high-impact shots.

The weight of the head was also redistributed, making the driver even lighter. It also boasts more forgiveness with improved shot dispersion. The MOI has also improved, so you can conclude that Callaway doesn’t want to punish you for mishits.

Callaway used a graphite shaft to make it lighter. Graphite is also favored for promoting forgiveness as it can suppress the vibrations from mishits. If you deal with chronic pain in your arm or shoulders, this is worth considering.

The 9° loft makes it fairly attractive for experienced players since the lower loft requires harder shots to get proper speed/distance. This is supported by a stiff flex, which is great for players who are experienced or swing fast shots.

However, this, unfortunately, means that these drivers are not at all suited for beginners. While they are capable of improving your game, the loft and flex prove to make this driver fairly inaccessible to inexperienced players. Furthermore, experienced players with lighter swings will find that this driver does not favor their playing style.


  • Graphite shaft and Triaxial Carbon Crown make it light
  • Jailbreak and VFT boost ball speed and distance
  • Graphite shaft lessens strain from mishits
  • Stiff flex and 9° loft suit experienced golfers


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Lighter shots lead to less distance

If you are an experienced player and looking for a driver to boost your game, this is the perfect one for you. While it’s not very accessible for newer players, veterans of the game will have a great time with the loft and flex offered.

How Do I Choose the right Callaway Rogue Drivers?

In this section, I’ll be discussing what you need to keep in mind before you make your purchase.

What Are the Materials?

This matters in terms of performance and cost. You need to consider which materials were used in the construction of the driver. The most common material is steel, so standard drivers will be of this variety.

However, if you are willing to pay extra, you can get the graphite ones, which are worth considering because of how light they are. If your biggest concern is improving your game, go with graphite.

How Big Is the Driver’s Head?

This matters because of the “sweet spot.” The “sweet spot” is the part of the driver that needs to make contact with the ball. Titanium heads are the best because they are lighter and larger than wood or steel.

If you are inexperienced, the bigger, the better. However, if you are experienced, you should opt for a smaller head size since you have the skill level to compensate.

How Much Loft Does It Have?

Loft refers to the angle at which the driver will hit the ball. This is relevant to how much height your shots can get. For beginners or otherwise inexperienced players, the higher loft is best. For veterans of the game, the lower loft is the way to go.

What About the Shaft?

When it comes to the shaft, you need to look at the length and flex. Longer shafts benefit from more distance, but you might sacrifice some accuracy. It can also be uncomfortable to handle longer shafts if you are not tall. Women’s drivers tend to be much shorter because of this.

The flex would be Seniors, Regular, or Stiff. Seniors are the easiest to work with since it’s aimed at older players. Regular is the standard flex and provides decent flexibility for average swings, while Stiff is designed for veteran golfers or ones with harder swings.

Customer Impressions

If you still need more convincing, I’ve compiled some important points by looking at various customer reviews.

The consensus is that Callaway Rogue Drivers are some of the best in terms of speed and distance. There is a great deal of consistency across them. There is an immediate improvement in the user’s game as far as accuracy, speed and distance are concerned.

The forgiveness of these drivers is also praised, as many found that the lightness helped them swing better shots.

However, one common suggestion I found was that you should go to a club-fitter before you commit to any Rogue Driver. The reasoning is that you will be able to get the maximum benefit of these drivers if you go to a fitter and determine which type of shaft is most beneficial for your swing style.

Callaway Rogue Driver Review: FAQs

After doing some looking around, I found some common questions asked by people who wanted to buy Rogue Drivers but weren’t entirely sure yet. Here, I answer these questions to provide you with more context:

☑️ Are these Drivers Adjustable?

Yes. Near the spot where the shaft and hosel meet, there will be two letters: N and S. You can use these to make the adjustments. N is the neutral setting, while S is for square.

☑️ What Is the Head Size Like?

The head size is generally big across all models. There is ample space to hit the ball, so mishits should not be too common.

☑️ How Heavy Are These Drivers?

There is no standard weight for them. It depends largely on the shaft you choose.

☑️ Are Adjustment Tools Available?

Yes, an adjustable wrench is provided.

☑️ Do They Come with a Headcover?

Yes, it is available with purchase.


Now, it’s time to finish up this Callaway Rogue Drivers review. By my assessment, all of these drivers are extremely innovative and impressive. Ultimately, the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Subzero Driver gets my vote. It offers all the value of the standard Rogue along with low spin and adjustable weights. Being geared for professional play, you just know you’ll get your money’s worth.

On the flip side, I recommend the 10.5° Graphite Rogue Driver for beginners. With a high loft and a flexible graphite shaft, you’ll immediately notice that all your shots are faster and travel much further.

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