5 Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players [#2 is Awesome]

Best Women’s Golf Clubs Intermediate PlayersThe game of golf has taken major strides in increasing its appeal to the masses.

Not long ago, it was perceived as a game of senior members of the society and wealthy individuals who had the money and the luxury to buy the supposedly expensive golf equipment.

It was very rare to see lady golfers taking part in championships, let alone those just playing for fun.

However, times have changed, and the perception of golf is very different at the moment. The game is now accessible to all, and the number of female golfers has risen tremendously over the last few decades.

Manufacturers have also diversified their products and they now design and manufacture golf accessories targeting female golfers.

Whether it is clubs, balls, or any other accessories you may need for a better experience on the green as a lady golfer, you are sure to find a manufacturer already producing it.

With that said, in this piece, we will be focusing on the best women’s golf clubs intermediate players.

Quick Overview – 5 Best Women’s Clubs Intermediate Golfers

Best Women’s Golf Clubs Intermediate Players

In this review, we will be going deep into some of the leading brands of the top golf clubs for intermediate lady golfers, discussing their unique features, pros, cons and concluding with our recommendations on when or where we think the club set would be the most beneficial for lady golfers.

 1  Callaway Women's Strata Golf Set – Good Value for the Price

Callaway is a titan when it comes to the manufacture of golf accessories for both men and women. The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is perhaps the ultimate and the best women’s golf club sets for intermediate players you will find in the markets today. 

Though it is not the most extensive set in the market, its price point, the collection of items it has, and its beautiful looks will give every lady golfer the excellent start the need to start finding their way towards the pro levels.

Designed for Distance and Performance – The design of this set features modernized golf technology for distance and performance that will comfortably cover every lady golfer from the tee to the green.

Comes as a Complete Set – The set includes driver, woods, hybrid, irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, headcovers and a stand bag.

High Flight Technology Iron Design – The 6 9 irons included in this set are designed with the high flight technology known to deliver incredible distances, control, and forgiveness.

Precise Face Milling Putter – Included in the set is a precise face milling to help improve distance and accuracy so that you can find it easy to sink most of your putts.

A Stand Bag – To help you carry all the items safely and conveniently, the set comes with a beautiful and nicely designed lightweight, and durable stand bag. The bag has an easy to carry back strap and it features tee holders as well as convenient pockets that can be used for carrying other accessories.

The Good

The design of every item in this set is flawless. Besides, they have been purposely designed with a modernized golf technology that comes with incredible distance and performance. It is also an affordable set, making it within the price range of most intermediate female golfers in need of a better golfing experience.

The Bad

It is relatively compared to most of the sets we will discuss in this category. Not good news for all lady golfers.


  • Designed with a modernized golf technology
  • Comes with a high quality golf stand bag
  • Beautiful design with pleasing looks


  • It is a relatively smaller set

If you are an intermediate lady golfer looking for more versatile options, especially when it comes to the distance and performance, then you have every reason to buy this 11-piece golf set by Callaway.

 2  Callaway Women's Strata Plus Golf Set – Great for Intermediate Golfer

Here comes another set by Callaway to grace our list of the best women’s golf clubs sets for intermediate players – Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set. Apart from the beautiful looks the accompanying stand bag has, it features just the right number of pieces every intermediate lady golfers need to dominate the greens.

Distance & Forgiveness Technologies – The design of the Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set features distance and forgiveness technologies to make it easy for lady golfers to get more accurate swings and to also cover long distances. Apparently, most lady golfers find it a real challenge to improve the accuracy of their hits as well as driving the balls to longer distances.

14 Piece Set – The set includes a total of 14 pieces, including 5 hybrid, 5 wood, 6 9 iron, putting wedge & sand wedge, putter, three head covers, driver and a stand bag.

Progressive Sole Width Technology – All the irons in this set are designed using the perimeter weighting and progressive sole width technology which makes them display better control.

Putter – The putters included in the set features mallet with alignment to help lady golfers get more accurate with their putting.

Lightweight and Durable Stand Bag – All the pieces come with a lightweight and durable stand bag. The bag not only has cool aesthetics but also features five convenient pockets, as well as a backstrap hook design to make carrying it a breeze.

Fairway Wood – The set features a stainless steel clubhead, with the shaft comprising a graphite composite to make them durable and lightweight so that lady golfers can achieve fast swing speeds and relatively longer shots.

The Good

The design, technology, and versatility of this club set make it a great choice for every lady golfers interested in improving their speeds, accuracy, and forgiveness. Other than the individual pieces in the set, the set also scores highly when it comes to the lightweight and durable bag, and its price point is also within the affordable range of most lady golfers.

The Bad

Despite the glowing tributes of the set, it is designed for right-hand lady golfers.


  • Exceptional quality and technology from Callaway
  • Irons are extremely reliable and praised for delivering a great feel on impact when tested
  • The clubs have sleek looks to which complements the equally aesthetically appealing stand bag


  • Nothing to hate, except the fact that it is designed for right-handed lady golfers

This is a solid set, and though not the cheapest in this category, it is a great option for every female golfer keen on improving the accuracy of their swings and covering longer distances.

 3  Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite – Surprisingly Good Clubs for the Price

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite Set is a high quality golf package specially designed for intermediate lady golfers interested in taking their golfing skills to a new whole level. The design of the set strongly features the use of the latest golf technologies to make the clubs more forgiving, straighter and easy to use. 

All the clubs in this set are exactly 1” shorter and they are well suited for lady golfers with heights no more than 5’ 6.

Oversized 460cc Driver – This is the biggest legally allowed driver size. It is designed as such so that it can have a huge sweet spot to allow players to still get longer and straighter shots even if they don’t quite land their hits in the middle. The driver is made of 100% graphite and it comes with a matching headcover.

Fairway Wood – This set comes with a 15-degrees #3 fairway wood which is relatively smaller than the driver but still has a nice sweet spot that comes with greater forgiveness. The wood has a low-profile sole which means that you don’t need to use a tee when hitting off the grass.

Two Hybrids – Both #3 and #4 hybrids are included in this set. These are what you need when you want an alternative for long irons. The hybrids also feature 100% graphite shafts as well as matching headcovers.

6 Irons – The set has 5-6-7-8-9-PW irons with each featuring a cavity back design for raising the MOI while lowering the center of gravity at the same time. With such a construction, the clubs are more forgiving and they give more consistent swings – this is a vital element in the development of the perfect swing, and it is something every intermediate lady golfers desire to have.

The Good

Some of the enviable attributes of this set include the oversized driver and the matching headcover, the fairway woods, the two hybrids, the putter and the six irons.

The Bad

Though most of the pieces of this set seem to be intact, some past buyers have reported quality concerns with the putter.


  • With two woods and six irons
  • It is an affordable set
  • Features high quality construction, and comes with a beautiful bag


  • The putty quality is lacking

In terms of design, technology, and experience, this is set is a masterpiece by Palm Springs. Furthermore, its price is relatively affordable and ambitious ladies keen on improving their games don’t worry about breaking the bank to be the proud owners of the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players.

 4  Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Graphite Set – Great Clubs for Newbie

This is another high quality golf package that will suit the needs of every intermediate lady golfer keen on taking their game to a whole new level. All the clubs in this set are made with the latest golfing technology, made of 100% graphite shafts, easy to use, are forgiving and boasts very straight flight paths.

460cc Driver – This is the largest legally allowed size that a driver can be, and it is purposely designed as such so that it can have a large sweet spot to make it more forgiving. With it, players will enjoy straighter, and longer shots. The driver’s shaft is also made of 100% pure graphite to make it lightweight for better swing speeds.

Fairway Wood – The set includes a #3 fairway wood that even though smaller than the driver, it features an enlarged sweet spot to make it more forgiving. It also has a low profile sole that makes it possible to take shots on the grass without the use of tee. Included is a matching headcover for the wood.

Irons – The set features six irons all of which are designed with a cavity back to lower the center of gravity while raising the MOI. The result of this construction is more forgiveness and consistency – exactly what intermediate lady golfers need to continue developing their swings.

Hybrids – Included in this set are two hybrids a #3 and #4. These are the kinds of clubs you need to replace longer irons which are normally the hardest to hit.

Putter – To complete the package is a putter with a unique head shape to provide more mass upon impact for a more reliable and solid roll.

A Stand Bag – It is a deluxe stand bag with a 7-way divider top as well as ample pockets for storing accessories such as tees, balls, and waterproofs among others.

The Good

The set’s technology, design, versatility and the inclusion of the high quality deluxe bag are some of the most outstanding things that make it a favorite among most lady golfers.

The Bad

It comes with a 10.5-degree driver. This may prove to be a bit challenging for golfers who are still trying to master their swings.


  • Has a good selection of high quality clubs
  • With its size, all the components, and the price, it is a good value for money
  • The brand also has a petite set for shorter lady golfers


  • The set doesn’t feature sand wedges

This is high quality and versatile set that will meet the needs of most lady golfers, and since the company also a petite range, shorter ladies will not feel left out.

 5  Knight Women's 12 Piece Golf Set – Perfect for This Beginner

This is a great starter for right-handed female golfers of all levels and not just the intermediate players alone. It features a nice and compact design, complete with a deluxe bag to make it a breeze to carry it around and also store the accessories once the sessions on the greens are over.

12.5 Degree Driver – It features a 12.5-degree driver with a 100% pure graphite shaft. This is highly recommended for newbies as well as intermediate players.

Easy To Hit Hybrid – This also includes a weighted perimeter iron to make it easy for players to get success from the green right through to the rough.

Matching Headcovers – These are not just for aesthetics, but also to offer protection for the fairway wood and the driver.

A Matching Cart Bag – Also included are a purple and black car bag with plenty of storage spaces for keeping other accessories as well.

The Good

Some of the features you will love about this set include the 12.5degree driver, the easy to hit hybrid, the matching headcovers and the accompanying cart bag.

The Bad

Though versatile, it was specifically made for right-hand golfers.


  • High quality, but lightweight clubs
  • The 12.5 degree driver is ideal for both beginner and intermediate golfers
  • Has a blade style putter


  • The design favors only right-handed golfers

It is an affordable set, and together with the rest of the features, there is no denying that it is one of the best women’s golf club sets for intermediate players.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs Intermediate Players: Buyer’s Guide

With a solid idea of what the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players, it is also a good idea to know how to choose correctly should you feel that the options highlighted above don’t please you.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players Reviews

Here is a brief guide of some of the factors you should consider when choosing a golf club as an intermediate golfer:

Got for Shorter Clubs Compared to Men’s Clubs

Women’s Golf Clubs vs Men’s: What’re the Differences? The first step towards buying the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players is to settle on the right lengths. The length of the club always has a direct impact on the quality of your swing. Since ladies are averagely shorter than men, you should always go for clubs with shorter lengths. For ladies who are as tall as men, then it would be just okay to buy clubs with similar lengths as men.

Go for High Lofted Clubs

High lofted clubs are always known to produce very desirable results in most of the situations. This is because such clubs tend to lift the balls easily from the ground leading to more distance. This is an aspect of the game that appeals more to the newbies and intermediate golfers, though the pros will always want to go for the low lofted clubs because they can get precise shots with them.

Let Perimeter Weighted Club Heads Be Your First Choice

The design specification, as well as the technology for manufacturing the clubs, have evolved so fast over the last few years. If you are getting started or you consider yourself an intermediate player, then you should always opt for perimeter weighted club heads.

These club heads are characterized by a larger sweeter spot which allows for more forgiveness and also helps you build your confidence in your game. A look at the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players reviewed above will reveal to you that nearly all of them feature weighted club heads.

Choose Clubs with Graphite Shafts

Always opt for clubs with graphite shafts if you are not yet a pro in the game. Steel shafts will give you more distance on the green, but they are heavier, and won’t let you have good swings if you are not yet experienced. Besides, steel shafts tend to add more weight for ladies, and this is not what most of them love. Graphite shafts, on the other hand, are lighter, easy to carry and will let you have fast swing speeds.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players: FAQs

Here is a brief look at the responses of some of the frequently asked questions we encounter when talking about the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players:

☑️ What’s the Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate?

Golf clubs will ultimately vary from one golfer to another, but the most recommended clubs for intermediate include:

1. Wilson Profile SGI

2. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate

3. Precise M5 Ladies


5. Callaway Men’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set

6. Wilson Profile XD Golf Set

☑️ Are Expensive Golf Clubs Really Better?

Not necessarily, but expensive golf clubs are recommended if you are the pro levels. In most cases, they are harder to hit, but due to the quality and the technology used in their design, they come with great ball control and feel and these are very desirable attributes when you are playing at the pro levels.

☑️ What Heights Are Women’s Golf Clubs Designed For?

Most standard-size golf club lengths for women are shorter in length compared to standard size golf club length for men. Averagely, the length of women’s golf clubs is between 65 inches and 69 inches.

5 Bestseller Women’s Golf Club Sets Intermediate Golfers in 2020


Our top recommendation for the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players is Callaway Women's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also comes with the features, technology, and performance that will inspire every intermediate lady golfer to greatly improve their game on the green.

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