10 Best Golf Clubs for Women For 2021 [#3 Amazing]

Best Golf Clubs for WomenGolf is no longer seen as a preserve of the male folk, but it is now a game that is enjoyed by all genders across the world.

A significant rise of professional female golfers has been witnessed in the last few decades, and since the dynamics of playing the game by men and women are different, there has been the need for golf accessory manufacturers to come up with accessories specifically designed to enable the ladies to have a great experience on the green.

The golf club is one such vital accessory.

However, with so many club manufacturers in the market today, it may sometimes be confusing to know just what type of club to choose if you are a female golfer.

To help you out, we have done a detailed review of the best golf clubs for women, highlighting their most vibrant features, their good, and bad attributes, as well as their pros and cons to give you the clarity you need to choose the most suitable club.

We have also given a detailed guide on what you need to focus on when you go out shopping for a golf club.

Quick Overview – 7 Best Golf Clubs for Women

Top 7 Best Golf Clubs for Women In 2021

If you are wondering what brands or models of golf clubs are the best in the market currently, then this section is for you.

We go deep to look at the top seven best clubs for women, with a detailed description of their features, including the good and the bad about them.

We finish the review by giving our recommendation on who or when we think the club would be most suitable for use.

 1  Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set – Great for Beginner

It is not a surprise that the very first golf club for women on our list is a product by Callaway.

Callaway is a renowned manufacturer of quality golf accessories, and with the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set, you get a club boasting a terrific design featuring high quality materials as well as a range of features designed to specifically elevate every lady’s golfing experience.

And for further suitability for women players, it comes with a nice purple color that boats of royalty even on the green.

Here is a brief look at some of the features that make the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set such a darling for many female golfers:

A Superior Driver – This is a full titanium driver that boasts a large sweet spot that also comes with more forgiveness which allows for maximum power off the tee. The driver comes with a headcover for protection and longevity.

Fairway Wood – The set features a very forgiving three wood designed to enable you to achieve long and flying shots to overcome the aerodynamic limitations often experienced by most female players.

Hybrids – If you don’t love using long irons, the same way most ladies don’t then you will always find great pleasure in using golf hybrids. They have always been seen as great alternatives to long irons. They have a way of making players more confident while taking a variety of shots. With the Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set comes with a 4 & 5 hybrid, complete with headcovers.

Superior irons and wedges – The irons in this set by high flight technology to deliver distance, forgiveness, and control. The set features six to nine irons in addition to a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.

Stand Bag – To help you carry and transport all the set’s accessories, it comes with a stand bag that is lightweight, durable, and features several pockets, tee holders, and cool and authentic looks. With the inclusion of a strap, the bag is easy to carry and you won’t have to worry about the storage space due to its compact design.

The Good

Just as the name suggests, these golf set was made with female players in mind. Its design features everything female golfers will need for ultimate distance and performance.

The drivers, hybrids, the putter, wedges and stand bag all have a role to play in enhancing a female golfer’s experience.

The Bad

Due to the quality of this set, it is not within the cheap options, and you should be prepared to spend a couple of hundred dollars to lay your hand on them.


  • It is one of the most consistently solid clubs in the market today
  • Ideal for distance and accuracy
  • It comes with a first-rate stand bag for protecting the club as well as providing room for other accessories


  • The putter doesn’t offer a great experience even though it has a milled face

The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set has the quality and the performance levels most women will require to help them improve their game on the green. If you are particularly interested in distance and accuracy, then you have every reason to buy this set of clubs for women golfers.

 2  Callaway Women's Strata Golf Set – Unbeatable Value

This is another set of women’s golf clubs from Callaway, and it is a subtle indication of the company’s commitment to making high quality and high-performance golf accessories.

It is an 11-piece women’s complete golf set whose main focus in design was on maximum performance to inspire more confidence among female players on the green.

Lightweight 460cc driver – The set comes with a lightweight 460 driver that features a large sweet spot, a head made of titanium and it comes with more forgiveness to help players hit the ball farther of the tee. It also includes a headcover.

An oversized 5 wood – The clubs feature an oversized 5 wood which features a more aerodynamic head shape and it is also very forgiving. It is the kind of shape you need for long, high flying shots.

5 Hybrids – Also included in the set is a 5 hybrid which makes a perfect alternative for long irons and inspires more confidence on a variety of shots.

Wedges/Iron – The set also features a 7 & 9 iron, sand, and wedge which allows for a wonderful combination of control as well as forgiveness.

A putter – There is mallet putter with alignment to allow lady golfers to achieve incredible accuracy on the greens.

A stand bag – Also featured in this set is a lightweight and durable stand bag to facilitate the storage as well as the transportation of all the golfing accessories. The bag features a rain hood, a backpack strap system for ease of carrying, and five convenient pockets to provide storage room for other golfing accessories you may wish to carry.

The Good

It is a complete golf set with woods, iron, putter as well as a lightweight stand bag that offer a great deal of versatility on the greens. It also comes in a warm and nice pink color which further makes it more appealing to the female golfers.

The Bad

With only 11 clubs, it is a relatively smaller set compared to most of the options on this list.


  • Lightweight and high quality stand bags
  • Features a mallet putter as well as a T-style alignment to allow for solid contact
  • Has a sand wedge – highly recommended for newbies using higher lofted clubs


  • Relatively small in size compared to most of the options on this list.

If you are a lady golfer in need of a nice collection of clubs for beginners, then this is one of the best complete options you will find in the market today. With the three woods and three irons, it is one of the most extensive sets recommended for anyone looking for an excellent start that they can keep on building.

The fact that it features only 11 clubs is not a major limitation, especially for the newbies who may just be getting started on sharpening their putting games.

 3  Callaway Women's Strata Plus Golf Set – Great Starter Set

The Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set is another fantastic creation by Callaway, and it is highly suited for beginner to intermediate lady golfers.

The set of clubs you find here feature graphite shafts known to increase drive and are also hailed for their accuracy and forgiveness.

Since the clubs are made of graphite, they are relatively lighter, further suiting the playing demands of most ladies on the green.

If it is distance, accuracy and consistent swings are what you are looking for in your clubs, then this set is never going to disappoint you.

460cc clubhead driver – The set comes with a 460cc clubhead driver that features a graphite shaft and a larger sweet spot to deliver incredible distances off the tee.

Stainless steel 5 wood – The set comes with stainless steel 5 wood clubhead that features a composite shaft made of graphite. This is to allow faster swing speeds and also promote very long shots.

5 Hybrid – If you don’t like long irons, then you know this is one of the best alternatives you can ever have. The ones in this set are designed for forgiveness and versatility.

Putter – The set also features a mallet with alignment to allow for incredible accuracy on the green.

Iron/Wedge – The irons and wedges feature perimeter weighting and a progressive sole designed with a width technology. This is mainly to improve control. It comes with 6 – 9 irons, a sand wedge, and a pitching wedge.

Stand bag – To help you carry the drivers, wood, hybrid, irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and the putter is a lightweight and durable golf stand bag with an authentic look and a total of five convenient pockets. To help in carrying the bag in and around the courses, the bag features a backpack strap system.

The Good

Nearly everything included in this set is guaranteed to elevate the experience of every female golfer on the green.

To begin with, the shafts are made of graphite, thus making them lightweight and ideal for female golfers, especially beginners and intermediate players.

The hybrid, wood, irons, pitching wedges and the putter all contribute toward a great golfing experience, and to cap it all, the set comes with a bag to make it a breeze moving with the accessories from one place to another.

And with a total of fourteen clubs, a decent experience awaits any female golfers looking to have this set as their best companion on the greens.

The Bad

With all the good features, you can’t expect this set to be cheap. And though it is suited for newbies and intermediate players, not all of them are going to be comfortable with the price points, especially when just getting started in golf.


  • It comes with a total of fourteen clubs
  • Features a lightweight and durable golf stand bag
  • All the clubs have headcovers for protection and longevity


  • The higher price may be the only negative aspect of this set

If you are a pro, this may not be the best set for you, but if you are just getting started, then it comes with nearly everything you will need for a great performance on the green.

The driver, clubs, hybrid, the putter, the irons and the wedges are just the kinds of accessories you will need to get your game going right on the green.

 4  Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite – Great Set for Price

One beautiful thing about the game of golf is that accessories manufacturers are trying to optimize every aspect of the accessories to suit the needs of all kinds of players.

And for this reason, we now have petite golf sets for lady golfers who don’t want to be bothered by any additional weight when traversing the courses in search of holes.

Here is a brief look at some of the notable highlights that makes this set one of the best golf clubs for senior ladies as well as petite lady golfers.

Oversize 460cc driver – This is the legally allowed size that a driver can have. It features a huge spot to increase your chances of getting longer, straighter shots most of the time. The driver features a 100% graphite shaft, a lady flex and a headcover that matches the design and the color of the drive.

15-degree fairway wood – For first-timers, the wood may appear smaller than the driver, but it comes with an enviable sweet spot to allow for better forgiveness. With the presence of the low-profile sole, it makes it possible to hit off the grass without necessarily having to use a tee. Also featured is a 100% pure graphite shaft as well as matching headcover.

Two hybrids – This golf set features two hybrids –a #3 and #4. These are the perfect replacement for longer irons which most ladies don’t prefer hitting. With the hybrids, you can always look forward to hitting all the time because of the convenience and the flexibility they bring.

Six irons – All the irons have a cavity design that gives the clubs a lower center of gravity and a higher MOI. This simply means that the clubs are more consistent and more forgiving – two vital features necessary to help you develop your swing. All the irons are made from 100% pure graphite and they also feature a lady flex.

The putter – The set comes with a uniquely shaped putter that introduces more mass to the point of impact leading to a solid and more reliable roll.

The Good

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite golf set boasts great affordability, high performance, and extremely durable club sets. It has enviable features every lady golfer will love exploiting on the greens to improve their putting skills.

Additionally, it is moderately priced, and this means that it is within the price range of many beginner lady golfers who don’t want to spend a fortune on their golfing gear.

The Bad

Some past clients have complained about the putter quality, and the set doesn’t come with a sand wedge.


  • 460cc driver for a large and forgiving sweet spot
  • All the irons a cavity back design
  • Comes with a standard bag with a 7-way divider


  • Low putter quality
  • Doesn’t include a sand wedge

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite golf set is a versatile set that will suit the needs of many female golfers.

It comes with an enviable set of features and it is also available at a price range that most beginner lady golfers will manage.

If you are just starting your golfing endeavors and you need a set that will get you going as soon in the best possible way, the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite will never disappoint you.

 5  Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Hybrid Club Set – Great for Newbie

Palms Springs has assembled a versatile golf set that will meet the needs of both newbies and veterans in the game.

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Hybrid Club Set features a blend of irons, hybrids, woods, and a putter made of graphite shafts to make them not only lightweight but also very forgiving.

460cc drivers – The drivers in this set are 460cc which happens to be the largest legally allowed limits. With such a size, the driver features a large sweet spot, and this implies that you will still get a longer and straighter hit even if you don’t hit the ball correctly.

15-degrees #3 Fairway Wood – This also comes with a decently sized sweet spot. It will still allow you plenty of forgiveness even if it doesn’t have a large sweet spot as the driver.

Low profile sole – With the low profile soles, it is possible to heat the ball off the grass without the help of any tee. If you are targeting the green on a par 5, then this is one of the best clubs you will ever have.

Two hybrids – #3 and #4 – These are the perfect replacements you need for longer irons that were once the staple of the majority of golfers.

6 Irons – All the iron have a cavity back design and this means that they have a higher MOI and a very low center of gravity. This allows them to be more consistent and more forgiving. If you are still developing your swing, then you appreciate why this is so powerful.

Putter – To complete the set is a putter with a unique head shape to give more mass behind the point of contact. This is the feature responsible for giving solid and more reliable rolls.

Deluxe stand bag – To carry all the set items is a lightweight and durable golf stand bag. The bag features a 7-way divider to offer better protection and organization for the clubs. It also has ample pockets for storing other necessary accessories such as balls and tees.

The Good

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Hybrid Club Set comes with versatile features that will guarantee every female golfer a great experience.

They are decently priced, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to become the proud owner of this set.

The Bad

There is nothing bad that can be said about this set.


  • Deluxe stand bag with a 7-way divider
  • 460cc drivers
  • Lightweight and durable designs


  • None

The Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Hybrid Club Set comes with clubs that are one inch shorter and this makes them the most suitable choice for lady players who are five foot six inches tall.

However, with proper adaptation and the ability to change techniques, this set is versatile enough to be used by all lady golfers keen on improving their games.

 6  Precise M5 Ladies Women's Golf Clubs Set – All Graphite

Precise M5 Ladies Complete Golf Sets were designed for both beginner and avid golfers who go to the course just a few times a year.

This doesn’t mean that they are not durable or versatile so that you can’t use them regularly, but their construction and design feature occasional use more.

They feature oversized club heads, they are extremely user-friendly, and they are also stylish to let you enjoy your game on the greens with some swag.

Simplicity in design – A look at this golf set will reveal to you an adorable and beautiful design. It is not just appealing to the eyes, but also it comes with good handling feel that will make you enjoy every step and every shot you take on the course.

Graphite shafts – All the clubs feature graphite shafts except the putter. The use of graphite not only strong and durable but also they are lightweight which makes them suitable for lady golfers who normally don’t appreciate the heavy men clubs due to extra weight.

A nicely-colored carry bag – The set comes in a nicely designed purple and white-colored carry bag with a backpack style shoulder strap system and two stability legs. It is an aesthetically appealing bag, with extra storage pocket where you can fit accessories such as tees and balls. It is also lightweight and durable.

460cc Titanium driver – This is the largest legally allowed driver size and it comes with a large sweet spot and it is also very forgiving.

The set also includes a titanium driver hybrid, putter, and fairway wood.

The Good

This set is more than just appealing to the eyes. Its design makes it one of the best women’s golf clubs sets in the market today, and its contents also promise the experiences and versatility every lady golfers need to have a great experience on the green.

The driver is made of titanium, hence, encouraging stability, longevity, and durability. It is also relatively affordable, making it within the price range of most beginner and intermediate golfers.

The Bad

There is nothing wrong with the set, only that some users find the bag to be a bit flimsy.


  • Lightweight in design and specifically constructed for female golfers
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with a golf stand bag


  • The golf bag is not very strong

If you are a lady golfer in need of an inexpensive bag that will grant you a satisfactory performance, including less weight on the green, this makes one of the best women’s golf clubs intermediate players will ever find in the market today.

 7  Knight Women's 12 Piece Golf Set – Value for Money

This is a 12-piece golf set. With its design, construction, and features, it ranks highly among the best women’s golf clubs for beginners.

It is a sure winner if you are a lady starting in the game of golf, but has the ambitions to sharpen her skills the confidence needed to swim with the sharks of golf.

12.5-degree driver – The driver features a graphite shaft that is durable and lightweight to suit the needs of most female golfers.

6 through 9-irons – These feature steel shafts, and they include a putter, fairway wood, and the hybrid, all of which have steel shafts. The irons have cavity backs and this brings you more precision in your swings.

It will interest you to know that the putter included in this set is one of the best in the industry. It features high visibility marks to make it possible for players to make very swift strokes on the green.

There are some of the features that make this set to be considered among the best sets in most of the women’s golf clubs reviews.

 A cart bag and two head covers – These are the two add-ons that this set comes with. The cart bag has enough room to carry a myriad of golf balls and tees. It has extra pockets for carrying additional accessories, and it is not only easy to carry, but also comes with an umbrella holder.

The Good

The set is simple, functional and aesthetically appealing. The cart bag, with plenty of storage and an easy-to-carry system, provides a great deal of versatility while on the courses.

It is also affordable, making it very attractive for most of the female golfers in need of some nice equipment to get going with their golfing adventures.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this set was designed only for right-handed lady golfers.


  • The clubs are lightweight, hence, easy to carry
  • With its price point, it is great value for money
  • Comes with an aesthetically appealing cart bag with plenty of storage


  • Not suitable for left-handed lady golfers since it was designed only for right-handed players.

If you are a right-handed, enthusiastic female golfer, and you are looking for a golf set that will allow you to enjoy a professional performance on the green, then you shouldn’t have any hesitations about picking up this bag.

Best Golf Clubs for Women: Buyer’s Guide

With the above reviews, you don’t have to worry about spending more time researching the best golf clubs for women. However, if you are not pleased with our recommendations above, you are always free to research on your own and get what your heart truly desires.

Best Golf Clubs for Women

However, with so many brands screaming for your attention, it is possible to get confused and end up with the wrong bag. To ensure that doesn’t happen below is a detailed buyer’s guide on what you need to consider when shopping for the best ladies golf clubs:

The Length of the Clubs

The length of the golf club is a consideration that ought to be made whether you are buying a male golf club or a lady’s golf club.

This is because the length has a direct impact on the swing. There is no yardstick to predict the right length of the club, but it should be relative to the golfer’s height.

In most cases, women tend to be shorter than men, and as such, they should always consider only the shorter clubs.

Ladies who are tall as men may get away with buying men golf clubs, but they still need to consider other factors such as the club’s weight, the material used in making the shaft, and their playing abilities.

High Lofted Clubs

High lofted clubs are known to lead to better results. Such clubs are very good at helping in lifting the ball off the ground and this is a nice attribute, especially for female golfers keen on sharpening their putting skills.

Perimeter Weighted Club Heads

There are many types of clubs recommended for lady golfers, but if you truly want the best golf clubs for women, then it is highly recommended that you always consider perimeter weighted club heads.

The main reason for this is that such club heads come with a large sweet spot, and this implies that you will have the versatility to hit with more confidence because the clubs have a lot of forgiveness even if you hit so poorly.

Clubs Designed with Graphite Shafts

The playing characteristics of female golfers are completely different from their male counterparts. Most of the male golfers will not mind the club’s weight and a good number of them will appreciate slightly heavier clubs so that they can get some extra energy and speed on their swings.

However, this is never the case with female golfers. Heavy clubs are not appreciated by most female golfer because of the extra effort they need to put in generating the swing.

Consequently, if you want to end up with the best golf clubs for women, ensure that they feature graphite shafts. Such is lighter, durable and they are also easy to carry and they come with very fast swings.

Choose the Right Lady’s Wood

Naturally, women are smaller than men, and as such, they generally have slower swing speeds. With such, the specification of the clubs chosen will also vary.

If you can achieve a swing speed of 70mph or above, then it is possible that you can comfortably use 3, 5 and 7-woods.

However, if you have slower swing speeds of below 60mph, then you should go for a titanium clubface.

Slow swing speeds mean difficulty in hitting the ball into the air and a clubface with more loft will be more beneficial.

With slow swings speeds of below 60mph, you should not be thinking about using 3-wood, but instead, you should consider using 5, 9 or 9-wood.

And for more height in your ball’s trajectory, think about using a flexible shaft and an offset hosel.

Getting It Right on the Iron and Wedge

If you are a lady golfer with considerable experience, then you should have no trouble handling a 5-iron.

However, if you are still struggling to improve your swing speeds, then the best golf club for women that will suit your needs is a 6-iron or a 7-iron.

Also, if you are still working on your speeds, then the irons you should consider should be ones with wide rounded soles, as well as deep back cavities with a weighted perimeter.

The pitching wedge should be set at least four degrees more than the 9-iron. The sand wedge, on the other hand, should have a minimum loft of 56 degrees.

Be sure to check out for these iron specifications and wedges when shopping for the best golf clubs for women.

Best Women Golf Clubs: FAQs

Questions are likely to feature every time you are considering the best golf clubs for women. In as much as we can’t give a response to all the questions, here are some of the frequently asked questions on the subject matter:

☑️ What Are the Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs?

The difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs arises from the design and manufacture of the clubs.

Generally, women’s golf clubs are higher lofted, lightweight, and slightly shorter. Men’s golf clubs, on the other hand, are lower lofted, slightly heavier and they tend to be longer.

Also, women golf clubs come in a variety of warm feminine colors, while most men’s golf clubs tend to be available in dull and general colors.

☑️ Can a Man Use Women’s Golf Clubs?

Yes. Nothing is barring any man from using women’s golf clubs. Experience and personal preferences vary and anyone is free to use any golf club they want if they are happy with the results and the experience they are having.

☑️ How Much Shorter Are Lady's Golf Clubs?

Lady's golf clubs are mostly two inches shorter than men’s golf clubs. For example, standard men drivers are between 45 and 45.5 inches long, while standard drivers for ladies measure 44 inches long. Such a difference will apply to all the clubs in the bag.

Top 5 Bestseller Women’s Golf Club Sets in 2021


From the above reviews, our recommendation for the best golf clubs for women is Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Set.

It is not among the cheapest options in the list, but its unique set of features, including the driver, fairway wood, hybrid, the stainless steel golf irons, and the lightweight stand bag makes it highly suited for lady golfers.

If you are looking for a relatively affordable option which will still grant you a decent experience, then you can consider the Precise M5 Ladies Womens Golf Clubs Set, though, you may find it limiting if you are a left-handed player.

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