7 Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Golfers 2021 [#3 is NEW]

Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate GolfersToday, there are all kind of Golf clubs sets are available that fits for every category of golfer.

Getting the best golf club set is highly recommended for beginner to immediate players who are still in the discovery phase of their golf games because the sets will equip them with the ability to try out different aspects of their games.

It is the most simplified approach to getting started and sharpening your golf skills.

However, the market is awash with all manner of golf sets, each screaming for the attention of golfers, with each claiming to be the best in the category. For beginners and some intermediate golfers, it is always challenging to know the most appropriate set to choose.

To help you out, we have compiled a review of the best golf clubs sets for intermediate golfers of 2020 so that you can cut through the noise so that you can choose the most suitable set without wasting any time or getting confused.

Quick Overview – 7 Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Golfers

7 Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Golfers 2021

In this review, we will be delving at the contents of some of the leading golf club sets for intermediate golfers, highlighting their unique features and which makes them most suitable for this category of players. We will also delve into their good and bad aspects, with a brush over their pros and cons and finally closing with a conclusion of our final recommendation on the top golf clubs for intermediate players.

 1  Callaway Men's Strata Golf Set – Good Value for Intermediate

If you are an intermediate male golfer who wants to increase his exploits on the green and you need a reliable complete golf set that will come with the accessories as well as the experience you need to take your game to the next level, then you have every reason to consider the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set.

Callaway is one of the big names in the manufacture of golf accessories, and you can always rest assured that their products are the best, and rarely disappoints on the green.

12-Piece Set – The set features 12 pieces designed for maximum performance, especially by those looking to take their golf to the next level.

Lightweight 460cc Forged Driver – The driver comes with a titanium head for more forgiveness, and its 460cc size ensures that you have a large sweet spot for perfect swings. The head also comes with better aerodynamics to make it possible for long, high flying hits.

Hybrid – The set includes a 5 hybrid which is always a great alternative for long irons. This is to inspire confidence while taking a variety of shots among new and intermediate players.

Stainless Steel Irons – The set comes with 6 9 irons to provide a decent combination of control and forgiveness while taking the shots.

Putter – The set also includes a mallet putter with an alignment to help you achieve incredible accuracies.

The Good

This is a high quality golf set designed by a top golf accessories manufacturer and it comes with every item an intermediate player may need to take their game to the next level. It is decently priced to mean that most new and intermediate golfers will not have to worry about breaking the bank in order to afford it.

The Bad

Some past clients complained about some of the club heads getting cracked after a short duration of use.


  • Designed for high quality performance
  • A full golf club set
  • Comes with a golf stand bag


  • A few complaints about clubhead getting cracked after just short use.

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set is a solid set, with features as well as the price point that sounds reasonable for most intermediate golfers. Despite a few complaints of the heads cracking, it remains a great set with lots of positive reviews by past buyers.

 2  Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set – Perfect for Junior

Before you become a senior in the game, one of the aspects of your game you will have to work on regularly is your swing speed. There is a lot that goes into perfecting your swing, and the right choice of club is one of them. The Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set was specifically engineered to help new and intermediate golfers to perfect their swings and improve the overall quality of their games.

Long and Short Cavity Irons – The irons feature a large sweet spot design, and this means that they also come with envious forgiveness to help you get the most out of your swings.

Unique Driver – This was specifically designed for junior lengths, flex, and weight.

A Total of Nine Pieces – The set contains a total of nice pieces, and this include-: driver, hybrid, short iron, long iron, two head covers, putter, and wedge and a bag.

Durable Carry Stand Bag – The bag is not only durable but also lightweight and compact for easy and convenient storage.

The Good

This set was specifically designed for junior golfers, with the drivers having a unique design to enable junior players to get the best shots. It is affordable and also comes with a durable and compact golf stand bag.

The Bad

Its affordable price makes some people think it is not of great value, but it still remains a solid set with the best golf clubs sets for intermediate golfers.


  • Specifically designed for junior players
  • Affordable
  • Good quality products


  • Perception of poor quality due to the price

This golf set features clubs with drivers designed for junior length, flex, and weight. It is highly recommended for junior players interested in improving their swings as well as the accuracy of their shots.

 3  Precise M5 Men’s Golf Clubs Set – Great Set at a Great Price

Though this a review of the best golf clubs sets for intermediate golfers, the Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Set will suit the needs of all kinds of golfers, including beginners as well as the experts. The set, however, is highly recommended for the less aggressive golfers who prefer to visit the courses a few times a year.

Oversized Club Heads – The club heads are user-friendly and feature an offset to make it easier for intermediate golfers to get a nice swing of the ball into the air. The clubs not only look stylish but also will do a great job of helping you to improve your game.

100% Graphite Shaft on Wood – This is to give it the strength and durability needed for easy and perfect swings. The use of graphite also ensures that they are lightweight, hence, granting more control to the players.

Matching Golf Bags – In addition to the aesthetic benefits of the bag, it also provides a great means of storing and transporting the accessories in and around the courses.

The Good

It is a quality set with a varying price and this provides very nice options to choose depending on their budgets. The 460cc titanium driver heads not only comes with a large sweet spot but also with the forgiveness you need to keep on improving your swings and accuracy.

The Bad

The set is designed for right-handed players, and this is a bit cruel to left-handed players. The best versions of it are also available at very expensive prices, and this may lock out many beginners and intermediate players who would love to use it.


  • 100% graphite shaft on wood
  • 460cc titanium driver heads
  • Comes with a matching deluxe golf bag


  • Suitable only for the right-handed players

The Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Set is versatile that is not just one of the best golf clubs sets for intermediate golfers, but also beginner and pro golfers. If you are not a regular on the courses, and you only visit n a couple of occasions during the year, this is one of the best sets you can rely on to help you take your game to the next level.

 4  Precise S7 18 Piece Men’s Golf Set – Great for a Intermediate Golfers

The Precise S7 18-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Set is designed for increased and enhanced performance. It boasts the latest and the most modern golf technology, with each club promising the kind of distance and performance desired by most intermediate players. 

With these clubs, the clubs not only improve scores but are also very appealing to the eyes.

Full Titanium Driver – This comes with a large sweet spot that guarantees hit bombs off the tee all the time.

#3 and #5 Fairway Wood – Very forgiving and will delight your heart with the long and high flying shots.

#4 Hybrid – If you don’t want long irons but you still desire to have sweet and easy shots, then this is your best alternative to the long irons.

Lightweight Blade-Style Putter – This features an alignment system for more control and precision.

5-PW Stainless Steel Irons – These are ideal for players looking for long and controlled shots.

The Good

The Precise S7 18-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Set features clubs designed with the latest golfing technology. This means that apart from the quality and durability you will be buying, they also come with enhanced performance on the green. Decent enough to help every intermediate player to take their game to the next level

The Bad

It is not a cheap set, hence, not ideal for intermediate golfers on a budget.


  • Features 18 pieces of accessories
  • Lightweight and durable golf stand bag
  • Shafts made of true temper steel iron, lightweight and durable


  • Relatively expensive

If you have the budget and you are looking for great experience and versatility on the green as an intermediate player, then the Precise S7 18-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Set will be a very good choice of a club set for you.

 5  Cobra Golf Women’s F-Max Superlite Set – Best Choice for Women

This set is an all in one package ideal for beginner and intermediate golfers. If you are a slower and smoother tempo kind of golfer, and you would love to perfect your hits for maximum forgiveness, then this is one of the best golf club sets for intermediate players you will find in the market today.

An Offset Driver – Has a forged E9 face and comes with the best combination of distance and speed.

Fairway – Features a 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood with a fast forged face for longer and towering shots.

A 5-Hybrid – Also has a fast forged face for high launches and better-stopping power on the green.

Premium Cart Bag – Has a 14-way top and a total of 9 zippered compartments, including a valuables pocket and a beverage cooler.

The Good

The progressive offset designs, the lighter overall weight, the progressive CG-Hosel length design, and the premium cart bag are some of the most outstanding features of this bag.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the price of this set is prohibitive for most beginner and intermediate golfers.


  • High quality, lightweight design
  • Designed with the latest golf technologies
  • Comes with a premium cart bag


  • Relatively expensive

The Cobra Golf Women’s F-Max Superlite Complete Set is one of the best golf club sets for intermediate lady golfers in the market today. If you can look beyond its price, then you will give yourself an amazing set that will greatly enhance your experience on the green.

 6  Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Golf Set – Perfect Starter Clubs Set

The Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set is one of the most affordable golf sets ideal for intermediate golfers you will find in the market today.

Super Game Improvement Technology – This is purposefully to help intermediate and junior players get going on the right footing.

Easy to Hit Hybrid – Comes with a large sweet spot that is vital in helping improve the accuracy of the shots.

Short Iron – Comes with a hittable face to allow for more forgiveness and also to help in the improvement of swing speeds.

Weighted Putter – This comes with an alignment aid for better setups to the target

The Good

This golf set was specifically engineered to help junior golfers sharpen their experience on the courses. Also, they are super affordable, hence, highly recommended for intermediate golfers who want to take their game to the next level, but are on a budget.

The Bad

Perception of low quality by some buyers because of its affordability.


  • Super game improvement technology for a better experience
  • Short irons with forgiveness for developing swing speeds
  • Affordable


  • Some buyers had problems with the labeling on the covers.

If you are a newbie or intermediate golfer on budget, but you need a versatile set that has been specifically designed to help golfers like you improve their games, then this is one of the best golf sets for intermediate golfers you should spend your money on.

 7  Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Golf Set – Great Value & Solid Set

The design features, composition and features of the clubs, as well as the stellar reputation of the manufacturers, make this set one of the best golf club sets for intermediate lady golfers in the world today.

Modernized Golf Technology – The design and the manufacture of the set features modernized golf technology aimed at improving distance and performance among lady golfers.

Full Titanium Drivers – These come with more forgiveness and a large sweet spot so that you can bomb it off the tee every time.

6 9 Irons – These are designed with high flight technology to ensure maximum distance, forgiveness, and control.

Weighted Putter – The putter is designed for accuracy and distance control so that you can sink more putts when on the green.

The Good

The modernized golf technology used in the manufacture of this set sets it apart from the rest, and the fact that it is specifically designed for female players also gives it a unique edge above the rest.

The Bad

This seems like a perfect set, except for a few complaints about its price.


  • Specifically designed with a modernized golf technology for women
  • Features full titanium drivers with large sweet spots for bomb hits
  • Precise face milling putter for enhanced control and accuracy


  • It is not among the cheap options

If you are an ambitious female golfer looking to improve the swings, control, accuracy and overall performance on the green, and you also have the budget to spare, then this set by Callaway is exactly what you need.

Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Golfers Buyer’s Guide

Though you now have the reviews of the best golf club sets for intermediate golfers, it also pays to know how to choose the right one, just in cases you prefer to have others not reviewed above.

Best Golf Club Set for Intermediate

Here is a brief look at some of the guiding factors you need to consider when shopping for a golf club set for intermediate golfers:

Length of the Club

The length of the clubs should be determined by the height of the golfer. The length of the club also has a direct impact on the quality as well as the speeds of your swings. Always use the length charts to pick club sets that are recommended for golfers of your height.

The Loft

The loft refers to the angle of the clubface responsible for controlling the ball’s trajectory upon impact, and ultimately the distance. Most intermediate golfers prefer clubs with a higher loft face because they can generate less spin, higher trajectories, and this means maximizing on the distance.

The Head

The head weight is another factor worth considering when searching for the best golf clubs sets for intermediate players. A heavier head allows for more control and is recommended for intermediate golfers with faster swing speeds. Lighter heads, on the other hand, comes with less control and is suited for players with slower swing speeds.

Grip Thickness

The grip thickness affects the quality of the swing. A thinner grip allows for large hand actions which may lead to better and more controlled swings. A thicker grip, on the other hand, may restrict the hand actions, leading to a devastating impact and poor swings.

Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Players: FAQs

Here are the responses to some of the frequently asked questions revolving the best golf club sets for intermediate golfers:

☑️ How Much Does a Decent Set of Golf Clubs Cost?

A decent set of golf club costs between $200 and $400.

☑️ Who Is an Intermediate Golfer?

An intermediate golfer is a golfer who is beyond the beginner status and is yet to break into the pro or senior levels. Mostly, they can break 100 easily and will have no problem breaking 90 regularly.

☑️ Are Expensive Golf Clubs Really Better?

Not necessarily, but they will give you improved ball control and feel if you are a quality player looking to experience playing at the professional level.

Top 5 Bestseller Intermediate Golf Clubs Sets 2021


From the reviews, our recommendation for the best golf club set for intermediate golfers is the Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set. It is designed with the technology to allow maximum performance right off the box, and the fact that it has thousands of positive reviews also make it an easy choice for intermediate golfers looking for the best.

If you are interested in a lady’s alternative, then we would recommend the Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set. This comes with the same features as the men’s version, only that it was specifically engineered for lady golfers.

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