10 Best Golf Clubs Set for Beginners 2021 [#4 Best Pick]

Best Golf Clubs Sets for BeginnersAre you a newbie to golf and in search of a golf club? Here are some of the best golf clubs set for beginners that are just right for every novice golfer.

Golf is more than just a ball and a putter. There is a complete set of clubs including a putter, one driver, irons and one or more than one wedges and without these, playing is not possible even at a fundamental stage.

Therefore, it is most significant to get yourself the perfect set of golf clubs.

Quick Overview – 5 Best Golf Clubs Set for Beginners

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners: You Can Buy Now!

The minimum components a very good beginners’ set must have are seven irons, two woods, one putter, one driver, two wedges and one hybrid.

We are presenting before you, the 10 best golf clubs for beginners so that you can decide for yourself based on cost, quality and different features of the clubs, compare them, and then take the best decision.

1. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set – Beginners Reliable Buddy

Callaway strata series targets the novice golfers by presenting a basic set of clubs which is an excellent starting point at a very affordable price.

The 12 piece set is right out of the box and features high-performance elements of a superb club. I.e. a driver, putter, 6 stainless steel irons, 3 wood, 5 hybrids, PW, stand bag and headcovers.

These clubs are being used not only by tour players but golfers playing at any level. The 460 cc driver has an enormous sweet spot. It’s headcover not only protects it but also increases its span of usage.

The 3 wood has an aerodynamic shape head shape that facilitates beginners to make long and high flying shots. The feel impact is great and the hybrid is easy to hit.

The stainless steel irons are made, using the sole-width technology that gives more forgiveness and excellent feedback.

The T style alignment of the mallet putter gives amazing accuracy which every golfer needs especially when he/she is new to the game. The set is made more valuable by a user-friendly bag, with many pockets for carrying other important items. This is lightweight and durable.


  • These clubs have a durable and quality build
  • Headcovers are provided for drivers, woods, and hybrid
  • Putters ensure more forgiveness and a high moment of inertia
  • Large sweet spots on wood and driver for maximum energy transfer from the club to the ball


  • The distance gap between wood and hybrid is too large
  • The driver is not very suitable for long hitters and quick swingers
  • The package does not include a sand wedge

The Callaway’s Men’s strata are an extremely helpful golf kit for golfers, especially for beginners. This paraphernalia has everything which one ever needs to play golf.

2. Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set – Best for Beginners

This is yet another quality club set from Callaway, which is one of the best golf club brands and can take the skills of beginners to the very next level.

This model offers fairway woods (3 and 5 wood) with huge club faces that facilitate beginners to produce high flying shots.

The driver is made from light-weight Titanium that ensures greater durability. It has a large sweet spot for greater forgiveness and a 12-degree loft for longer shots.

The 3-woods having a loft of 15.5 degrees and a shaft with 42.5” length ensure that the player has no mishit and play along and high shot.

The 4 H and 5 H hybrids are great alternatives to long irons making it easier to play long shots with greater confidence. The stainless steel irons are made with high fly technology that adds control, distance, and forgiveness to every shot.

The putter of this set has a length of 35 inches and a loft of 3.5 degrees. This precise face milling putter delivers more control with better accuracy and enables even a starter to sink more putts.

Unlike many beginner sets, the Callaway Men’s strata 18 piece features sand wedge that makes it very easy to get the ball out of the bunker. The set comes with a light-weight bag with a cool look and 5 convenient pockets. This set offers an ultimate combination of distance control and feel.


  • Drivers have a huge sweet spot
  • The solid offset of irons makes the launching of the ball easier
  • Clubs have a durable and quality build
  • The addition of a sand wedge is a bonus


  • Bags are not sturdy enough

3. Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set – Quality Clubs for Starters

In this package, a beginner golfer finds all important clubs with top-notch quality and at a very affordable price.

These clubs have been designed to generate more distance for naive golfers. It has a large 460 cc Titanium matrix driver that ensures maximum accuracy and high launch.

The drivers and woods have been provided with a natural incline that offers great swing which makes sure that ball reaches the destination.

For durability and longer usage, the shafts are made from iron-steel.

The heel-toe weighted alignment of millet putter coupled with a soft paddle grip provides better control and aim that helps beginners to send the ball in the hole with accuracy and perfection.

The clubs have standard grip and special markings have been made to help users placing all the fingers at the appropriate place. The 6 to 9 irons come with a large sweet spot that keeps the ball narrow and straight because of the excellent balance they offer.

The perimeter weighting improves performance on off-center hits. This set comes with a lightweight ergonomic bag, having a stand that is self-activating. The bags have numerous pockets for better storage and enhanced comfort.


  • Price is highly affordable, especially for beginners
  • The bag is stylish, premium quality and easy to use
  • The product offers an incredible balance
  • Hybrids are excellent replacement of long irons


  • This set is not suitable for professional users
  • Lacks sand wedges
  • The driver’s head needs to be replaced soon because it comes off after a very short time

This is a very affordable set featuring quality clubs. The beginners may increase their skills level, because of balance, forgiveness, and ease in striking due to the huge sweet spot.

4. Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set – Best Value for Beginners

These are one of the best beginner’s golf clubs available in the market. The manufacturer has designed this set having focused ultimate distance and ultimate performance in mind.

The Ultimate 16 piece has been equipped with high-end features with the help of modernized golf technology to provide the tee to green coverage for their customers.

The full Titanium 460 cc lightweight driver is equipped with a huge sweet spot. It provides ample forgiveness to golfers who can easily hit the ball farther off the tee.

The 3 wood is yet another forgiving club that is built to generate long and high flying shots in more aerodynamic head shape.

The 4 and 5 hybrids prove to be a good replacement of long irons and golfers may use them confidently for longer shots. The stainless steel irons are robust and are constructed by applying high flight technology which provides distance and forgiveness.

These game-improvement irons help achieve greater consistency and more confidence, the attributes which all new entrants in the game so desperately love to attain.

Considering that so many positives are available at a low price, this is the best golf club set for the money. This is a great set of clubs for a price. These are game- improvement tools and thus serve the beginners for maximum benefits.


  • Hybrids are best alternates for difficult to use long irons. Thus, these are super beginner’s friendly.
  • The driver’s large sweet spots translate into more forgiveness
  • The stand bag is lightweight


  • There are no significant downsides to the report

5. Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver – Specializes in Accuracy

The PGX golf set is incorporated with a 460cc driver with a graphite shaft, which makes it a perfect choice for those looking for accuracy and distance.

Since the driver is lightweight, faster swing speed is obtained as the clubhead hits the ball. 3 wood and hybrid are also an essential part of this set. This 3-wood club is capable of covering a distance of 175 yards.

This distance can be increased, given Golfer consists of the right skills.

All these three components enhance visibility while the player is on the address. The oversized wide soul irons serve the purpose of optimal launch and spin.

For the safety part, the set is included with three custom headcovers. What makes it even more attractive is the affordable rate that it comes in. PineMeadow entertains both right and left-handed players with this set, so one needs not to worry about his specific playing style.

However, staining of the heads as they all are covered in white finishing is rather difficult to avoid.


  • This is a low-end product
  • No extra clubs need to be purchased as this set covers them all
  • It supports both right and left orientations


  • A putter for professionals is not a part of this set
  • The golf bag is missing

For a beginner, where buying high-end clubs is mere stupidity, this set is very reasonably priced with no compromise on the quality and forgiveness. This is a reason enough to overshadow the shortcomings, which are not so great, to make this a complete package for starters.

6. Callaway Golf Rogue Driver – Good Swing Speed & Extreme Forgiveness

Faster swing speed and forgiveness, both are aspects that every golfer lives for.

This Rogue driver fulfills both these parameters to its utmost. The fresh and super forgiving 460cc shape of Rogue boosts the ball speed power and offers a greater address footprint than Epic.

The speed is backed by the profound Jailbreak effect, the power of which is multiplied by the combination of X-Face VFT Technology.

Revamped leading-edge geometry further plays part in leveling up the efficiency of speed resulting in a superior airflow and a geared-up head speed.

The drives achieved from this specific driver are significantly straighter and un-deflected. This comes from the light and strong triaxial carbon crown which makes sure that there is even distribution of weight near the head area making the off-center hits achieve a higher degree of stability or MOI.

The sole and the crown in the driver are linked together through two hour-glass shaped titanium bars which are paralleled organized. These bars are 25% lighter in weight and that is highlighted with the strength they provide to the body supplementing the impact load-bearing capacity.

This helps deliver fast-paced hitting of the ball across the face. However, the driver can get dents, which is not easily fixable, and therefore, demands replacement. A rogue driver is as fulfilling as one would want a perfect driver to be in terms of speed, supported by the innovative jailbreak face.


  • High ball speed because of the Jailbreak effect
  • The greater degree of MOI and Forgiveness aided by the Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • Industry-leading Boeing Aero Package


  • Drivers are prone to get dented

7. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set – Little Ones with a Low Budget

If your child falls in the age group of 4 to 8 years, this Confidence Junior Golf Club Set must be your final stop.

This is specially designed for kids who use clubs casually, quite frequently.

Its high-end-features make it the best golf clubs set for juniors. The lofted hybrid iron that it has offers the advantage of hitting the ball over a longer average distance and will help deliver more accurate off-center hits.

4 to 7 and 8 to 12 are the two age brackets that this set entertains and is sized for.

This set brings along 4 clubs, one made up of wood, the other two of iron, and a putter. The low center of gravity of iron helps to propel the ball airborne easily by children, without needing to apply much force.

For the safety of the clubs, the stand bag is well constructed and offers comfortable carrying through a double shoulder strap.

Furthermore, this set comes for both the left and right hands orientation. The material quality is, without a doubt, appreciable, but at 5 pounds, it will be counted as weighty. Moderately priced, there cannot be a better choice for the little champions out there than this Confidence Junior Golf Club set.


  • Versatile and fulfilling all the needs of a golfer
  • It provides commendable comfort through the dual harness strap
  • Rain hoodie is an accessory that allows the game to be continued even in the rain
  • Shoulder pads absorb all the sweat
  • Comes with a stylish stand bag


  • Material quality is retained but 5 pounds will render it at a heavier end
  • Fitting in will be a little difficult task

8. Wilson Golf Men's Ultra Complete Package Set – Aimed for the Beginners’ Market

The Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra complete package set comes with a driver, 3 Fairway Woods, 4 Hybrids, Irons 5-PW and a putter, which has a Heel-Toe Weighted Alignment, giving sufficient control to the beginners.

The lightweight of graphite of which the woods and drivers are made of provides a sturdy feel giving Golfer an upper hand in the competition. The higher accuracy in the hits comes with the inclined design.

The clubs offer standard grips that add to the comfort level of Golfers. The durability aspect of the clubs comes from the iron steel shaft.

This set solely targets the beginner’s market and has a little loose driver’s head.

However, that is not much of an issue as the benefits of an overall great golfing experience with excellent quality clubs while being moderately priced. This set only entertains novice, not professionals. As a novice player, this Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra set is a complete package that will help you with your professional career to a great deal.


  • Moderately priced for beginners
  • Clubs won’t need to be replaced now and then because of their durability
  • Covers available for bigger clubs in the set
  • Fast and comfortable swing through the clubs
  • A carry bag is constructed of superior quality material and is easy to handle
  • Hybrids are super forgiving
  • All clubs offer a profound grip


  • The reliability of the drivers’ head is a little dubious and it can go dead over time
  • Sand wedges are not a part of this set and need to be purchased separately

9. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge – Best Budget for Beginners

These ultra-premium S-grind wedges truly reflect the talent of working with tour pros and understanding the nuances of what they demand in wedge’s performance.

The kind of feel and response at every shot that this wedge provides is exceptionally unmatched.

The wedge offers three grinds for every shot. These grinds cater to every swing and condition. Three grinds mean that there is a shape for course for every course condition.

The S grind (standard) is very much liked by those golfers who play their wedges with a square face. These grinds provide the ultimate versatility so that golfers can get up and down from anywhere.

This way, it becomes the most complete wedge ever created by Callaway. The MD 3 milled line has progressive groove optimization. The 3 groove package that has been milled into the face of these wedges creates a smoother spin transition from your irons to wedges.

The advanced weight ports in the back of the wedge have allowed the manufacturers to reposition weight. This results in better short making especially out of deep rough.

For shots that require a steep angle, 30 V grooves have been built in the pitching and gap wedges. The 20 V grooves have been incorporated in sand wedges for full shots or bunker shots.

Some of the customers have pointed out that making the right choice of grind and loft combination is quite confusing. These wedges offer superb playability and control.


  • Tremendous flexibility to golfers through new groove structure
  • Plenty of grind and loft
  • Precise spin control


  • Deciding on loft/grind combinations may be a bit difficult

10. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids – Budget Players

Pinemeadow does not come in the mentions of renowned companies like TaylorMade or Callaway.

But this does not confine it to come up with a product that delivers a valuable performance on the whole with such a low cost that almost everyone can afford it easily.

It accommodates a moderate hybrid complete which has a graphite steel shaft. Though it is not quite appealing to eyes, the degree of forgiveness it offers will surprise the player.

It would be unjust to compare the quality and performance in general of PineMeadow Excel EGI Hybrid with Callaway Steelhead XR or the TaylorMade M2 Rescue because, at this low of a cost, such a value is hard to achieve in any product. This reason renders it as an ideal hybrid for on-budget players.

However, one may expect the performance not to remain consistent throughout your golfing experience. The distance the ball will cover elven on a powerful hit will be lesser than what it would be through a more expensive product.


  • Its performance is good enough and justifiable for the affordability it presents
  • No such incorporations of any specialized technology to bring in forgiveness in the product, but it is moderately forgiveness
  • Off-center hits are justifiably good


  • Unsteady performance
  • Looks and feels like inexpensive clubs

There is indeed nothing revolutionary about Pinemeadow Excel EGI hybrid, but for those beginners who are looking for a very cheap product yet decently satisfying performance, their search should come to an end with this review of ours.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners: Buyer’s Guide

Golf is now a very popular game and its popularity is increasing with time. As many new players are entering the game at the entry-level, they face the problem of essential baseline equipment requirements of the game.

As beginners, they are unsure how to select the best possible clubs for their skill level. In the following guide, we have extensively described what features one has to look at in clubs before making a final selection.

Before proceeding any further, prospective customers need to understand some basic points:

  • The foremost important point is that the rules of golf put a limit on the number of clubs in the golf bag. Now golfers can carry no more than 14 clubs in their bags. The number 14 is not mandatory but it is the maximum limit. To understand clearly that one can carry any number of clubs in his bag, but that should not exceed 14
  • A baseline set consists of a driver, putter, an iron set, hybrid, fairway wood, and hedge


Drivers have the largest club heads in a golfer’s bag. Though they are made of titanium or steel but are traditionally referred to as ‘woods’. This is because, throughout the history of golf, they were made from wood.

The drivers are designed to strike the ball off the tee. Nearly all club heads available in today’s markets are in the range of 440 to 460cc. 460cc is the largest size a driver club head can have, and it is the most popular size among golfers also.

Driver’s club heads with greater cc provide more forgiveness. A smaller cc, on the other hand, requires good shot-making skills and additional workability, making such club heads more attractive for golfers with polished skills.

The length of the shaft also matters. The longer driver’s shafts allow more swing and farther distance on account of higher speed. Legally, the shaft can belong up to a maximum of 48 inches. However, the length of most of the drivers’ shafts being used in golf today is 45 inches.


There are two basic types of irons, cavity back and muscle back. The cavity back as the name suggest has a large cavity on the back of club head whereas, muscle-back irons have full back on the rear.

For beginners, cavity back irons will be a better choice because they offer perimeter weighting for better forgiveness. The muscle back irons require enhanced shot-shaping capabilities that make them favorite of advanced golfers and professionals.

Cavity back irons with small cavities and thinner top line and soul are called game improvement irons and are the most popular among all.

An iron set usually consists of 4 to 6 irons with a wedge. It has 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 irons and make-up of each iron set shows it listed in a particular manner like 3-PW, 4-PW, 5-PW, etc.

In each case, the listing name shows that all remaining are included. For instance, 3-PW means that all irons from 3to 9 are included along with pitching.


There are mainly 4 types of wedges. These are pitching wedge, gap wedge (also called A wedge), sand wedge or lob wedge. The pitching wedge has the lowest loft (44 degrees to 49 degrees) whereas the lob wedge has the most (59 degrees to 65 degrees).

The lofts dictate the distance, the ball travels. Experts recommend that there should be a difference of 4 degrees among the wedges.

For instance, if a player has a pitching wedge with a 46-degree loft, he should have a gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge with 50,54 and 58 degrees respectively.


Being the most used club in a golfer’s bag, the putter helps in sensing the depth and pace of the ball. It is the length of a putter that dictates the quality of a stroke. Though putters come in various lengths, the range of 32-52 is highly common.

There is however a golden recipe to select the putter’s length. Stand in the address posture and let the arms hang naturally. Now ask someone to measure the length between ground and just above your hands. This will be the required length of your putter.


Hybrids are replacements of long irons. For many people, it is easier to hit solidly on a hybrid than a long iron. The hybrid loft angle should exactly co-relate to the iron you are replacing it with.

Amateur golfers often make a mistake of buying a hybrid whose flex and shaft type does not match with the rest of the clubs in their bag. This creates inconsistency in their golf swings.

User’s Impressions

Callaway Men Strata Complete Golf Set

Most of the customer reviews describe this product as a very good deal for its price. Many have admired it for being very friendly to beginners.

The users have generally acknowledged all of its clubs as of very good quality but with one exception, and that is the driver. The opinion about the bag is somewhat divided.

While many praises it and some even describe as fantastic and amazing, there are customers who don’t think it is durable or good looking.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Customers are generally very happy about this set. Most of them consider it to be a perfect golf club for starters.

Quite a substantial number of users think that this is a great value for its price. Like Callaway 12 piece, there have been complained about the driver of this golf club also.

Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

The user’s opinion about this golf club is largely positive. Most of them think that these are quality novice clubs. Many customers have mentioned that its fair price is the most significant plus point.

Many have confessed that these clubs have improved their game. There are some unhappy customers also who complained about the lack of sand wedge and certain quality issues about the driver’s head.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

The customers generally loved the clubs of this set for forgiveness, balance, and control and found it a great setup for new golfers. Nearly all of them have especially mentioned the bags that they are lightweight and easy to carry. They have shown their intention to recommend it to others as well.

PineMeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

The observations of the customers are by and large positive and especially focus on good quality material, forgiveness, affordability, and nice balance. Nearly all of them agree that it is a good entry-level set.

Those who have mentioned any downside has also described those as minor drawbacks. For instance, the grips are described as nice but thinner. The other example is about the driver’s sound, which they think is thin or tin-like but mention that it does not bother also.

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Driver

The user reviews have commonly highlighted three features as very nice. These are exceptional ball speed, great MOI, and quality of the driver. The customers admit that the clubs offer quality in distance and direction as advertised.

Some users found certain issues in adjustability while few others that single weight CG limit MOI.

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

The majority of users have appreciated the quality of clubs and have described it excellent at its price. The users are generally pleased because their kids are quite satisfied.

Many describe it as a great item that can be presented as a gift to sons/grandsons. Some users, however, described the item as overpriced.

Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package

This product is generally liked for, being sturdy and having value for beginners. People have appreciated the Hybrids, irons and fairway wood in general. Few customers have however pointed out that the driver has disappointed them.

Callaway Mack daddy 3 Chrome S Grind Wedge

Most of the customer reviews describe these clubs as a good quality overall. They have shown their intention to repurchase it also. There are however very few complaints about some wear on the wedge.

PineMeadow Excel EGI Hybrid

The customers seem to have a consensus that it is a great value at the right price. There are numerous praises for fine weight balance of hybrids and resulting forgiveness. Some customers have pointed out though, that paint easily chips off.

Best Golf Clubs Set for Beginners: FAQs

☑️ Is There Any Difference Between Men and Women Clubs?

Amateur men and women have different swing speeds. i.e. men have higher swings compared to women. Therefore the weight of shaft flex and clubhead differ for each gender. Another difference lies in the degree of the loft of the driver. Women generally have more loft than their male counterparts.

☑️ Should a Newcomer to Golf Buy One Complete Set or Individual Clubs?

A better strategy will be to go for one complete set which is simpler and not too fancy. To play the game at a basic level, one requires a driver, a putter, irons and one or two edges.

The beginners need to increase their swing speed and therefore require clubs that are lightweight and have right shaft flex. Besides, a complete set will be a more affordable option.

☑️ What Is a Lie Angle and Why Does It Matter?

The lie angle of any golf club is the angle between the ground line and the line passing through the center of the shaft. One can measure this angle when the club is properly soled at the flat ground.

He has to imagine a line being extended from the club’s heel along the ground. The shaft makes an angle with this line and that is a lie angle. Lie angle affects the accuracy of golf shots.

Golfers need to match the lie angle with their body type. If it does not fit, they will be costing themselves strokes.

☑️ Which Putters Have the Largest Head Shapes?

The largest head shapes belong to Mullet style putters.

☑️ What Are the Benefits of Large Shape Heads?

The large head shapes provide more forgiveness and an edge in swing weight preferences to Golfer.

☑️ How Can We Clean Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs should be cleaned periodically. The cleaning materials one need is a plastic bucket, a mild dishwashing detergent, a towel, and a used/old toothbrush. Fill the bucket with warm water (warm but not too hot) and then put dishwashing liquid in the water at the bottom of the bucket.

The quantity of water should be enough only to cover the heads of irons. Put the irons in water to soak for a couple of minutes. Please ensure that club heads of irons remain submerged but ferrules (ferrule is a plastic cover over where the shaft enters the clubhead) remain above the water and suds.

After soaking for a couple of minutes take each club and clean the grooves with the toothbrush through the sole and back of the clubhead. Remove all the debris and dirt. Finally, rinse the clubhead through tap and dry it with the towel. Do not splash the water up the shaft.


Each of our above-listed club sets may be a game-changer for you because every one of them has certain unique features to offer. We, however, describe Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set as our best pick.

The first and foremost reason for its selection is its beginner’s friendly clubs that are just right for novice players. The quality of construction, durability, performance and above all, affordability are features, too good to avoid.

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