10 Best Golf Balls for Beginners In 2021 [#9 is Awesome]

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Are you a beginner in golf? Looking for the best golf balls for beginners. Then you landed at the right place. Let us help you find the best golf ball available for beginners today!

Golf is one of those sports that require great psychological and physical skills. Also, one of the most technically complex sports that can be practiced (wink wink).

Hence, it is important to know all the concepts well and make a correct selection of the equipment with which you will use to train and compete in the actual game. Although they seem a secondary element, the balls play an essential role in the real game for a golfer.

In this way, it is important to make a correct selection of golf balls: Which one to choose? What differentiates one from the other?

10 Best Golf Balls for Beginners Reviewed In 2021

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (White)Chrome Soft
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: Lower
  • Flight: Higher
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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)Titleist Tour Soft
  • Feel: Very Soft
  • Distance: Longer
  • Flight: Consistent
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TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls (One Dozen), White, LargeTaylorMade TP5x
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: High
  • Speed: Faster
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Srixon Z-Star XV 6 Pure White Golf Balls (One Dozen)Srixon Z Star XV
  • Feel: Soft
  • Dimple: 338
  • Material: Urethane
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Vice Golf Pro Golf Balls, WhiteVice Golf Pro
  • Feel: Responsive
  • Dimple: 318
  • Material: Urethane
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Below we have selected for you a list with which, according to our criteria, are the best golf balls for beginners.

 1  Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – Best Soft Balls for Long Game

Another of the specialist brands in golf, Callaway, has a model of softballs of the previous that is one of the best valued by Amazon users, where they have an high average ratings.

These have been designed with an inner layer of ultra-low compression that, added to its softcover, allows them to be soft when hitting. This makes them ideal for long, straight flights thanks to the precision they offer.

They are sold in a pack of twelve. When you are hitting it with your driver, you will love the distance that it travels.

In line with the previous soft golf ball modes, Callaway also has the successful Chrome line of golf balls for beginners. They have a soft cover that allows them to achieve extreme softness to achieve powerful long-distance shots.

These can be bought in pearl white and in a striking and original pink that allows them to be more visible in their trajectory through the air and on the ground when they fall.


  • Soft layer allows for easier long-distance shots
  • Striking pink and white design are easier to spot
  • Pack of twelve good value for money


  • Available only in the white and pink design

We feel, the Callaway Chrome softballs are excellent choice golf ball beginners because they make it easier to hit balls in a straight line for long distances. It’s highly striking design also lends to its ease of spotting for beginners. Plus, it comes in an economical pack of twelve.

 2  Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Best Golf Balls for Long Drive Shots

Consistent flight, great distances, little spin, and extended durability, all of these qualities are what make these the best golf balls for long drive shots. That’s what Tour soft golf balls offer from one of the most veterans and recognized brands such as Titleist.

The American company stands out for its high-end products and these soft golf balls are a sign of that. They sell them in a pack of 12 units so they do not have to worry about buying more for several golfing sessions.

This professional-level balls of Titleist are available to be purchased in their standard pearl white color.

They are high-end and offer great speed and maximum distance in the hit without neglecting the control, which increases when playing at distances more than a hundred yards. They stand out especially when they are used with drivers.


  • Excellent control even for long distances
  • Highly consistent flight perfect for drive shots
  • An extremely well-known company for high-quality golf balls


  • Somewhat pricier than other golf balls

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are professional-level products. If you want to concentrate on getting a good drive to lower your score per hole, then this golf ball will help you slightly achieve that goal. It may be slightly more expensive, but the superior design of these golf balls makes it worth paying that premium price.

 3  Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls – Best Firm Golf Balls

To limit the effect of the ball and thus enhance control in each hit, the Callaway Superhot golf balls have a gradual hardness that increases its firmness towards the perimeter, which is loved by most amateur golfers. This allows great handling both in the long shots and inside the green.

They can be purchased in hot orange color, allowing you to easily spot it on the fairway. The firm center of the golf ball is also preferred by golfers who want to feel a firm whack whenever they swing down on this golf ball.


  • The firm center of the golf ball allows for easier control
  • Matte orange color makes it stand out on the fairway
  • Good handling for both long and short game


  • The harder golf ball may be too much for beginner players

For those who want to cheaply expand their hoard of golf balls can do with this pack of 15 that these golf balls come in. These firm golf balls are what more experienced players should get if they want something harder to hit.

Firm golf balls are meant for more experienced golfers. Or it is for beginner golfers who want a golf ball that is easier to control.

 4  TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls – Best Five-Layer Golf Balls

The Taylormade TP5x golf balls feature five layers that each have a different firmness they are not common and are not precisely the most affordable.

All the performance depends on the player and the good use of the golf club or how the golf course condition is. They offer very good and very efficient performance.

They have an internal core, an external core, an internal mantle, an external core, and a cover.

It offers great shock control, at least for a hundred-yard shot, and a feeling for the short game such as putts. These and other qualities make it feel like a pro tour ball. It is widely recommended by other players, who highlight its excellent quality, even for both long and short games.

The exterior core particularly has got a dual-spin technology. This allows it to maximize its power when traveling through the air, without sacrificing any control of the ball at all.


  • Efficient performance balances control and power
  • Advanced five-layer technology adapts to player’s own swing
  • The highly resilient outer layer


  • These golf balls are much more expensive

These are made with the most advanced five-layer technology. However, that makes it much pricier when compared to the other golf balls on this list. If you think that the five-layer technology is worth the money, then we recommend that you buy the TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls.

 5  Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls – Best Ultra Soft Bright Golf Balls

Made in neon green, these balls have been manufactured for maximized long distances with reduced spin, this design will provide stability and consistency in the shots and in the rest of the games.

This makes them ideal for long, straight flights thanks to the precision they offer. They are sold in packs of a dozen. And they have got a neon green color with patches of black. This allows for good visibility on the fairway without being too garish of a design.

The reduced spin design of this golf ball also makes it very ideal for the short game. For putts or for hitting the ball out of the green, you can have pinpoint control of your golf ball. It will roll less and be much easier to control when hitting it to the green.


  • The reduced spins mean fewer cut or rough shots
  • The ultra-soft layer will make it easier for new players to hit powerful shots
  • The superior ball control make it particularly excel for the short game


  • Players who want to maximize the most in distance will find it lacking

For golfers who want to concentrate on the short game, then these golf balls will not fail you. It will provide you the most noticeable performance in terms of control, thanks to the anti-spin design of these golf balls.

 6  Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls – Best Golf Ball for Control

Srixon stands out for having balls in which it combines quality features and very original designs in its special editions. An example of this is the Z Star 6 XV golf balls. The design is based on a classic design, but this is a superior version with more flights than other similarly designed golf balls.

They have been created to offer all the features that a player expects from quality golf balls: soft touch, low spin and the ability to travel greater distances. In addition, they stand out in the aesthetic aspect due to being manufactured in a neon yellow color.

Available in a pack of dozen golf balls, this set of golf balls of the Srixon brand is designed with a low spin controller that offers greater distance and precision and, with this good resistance to air. Its users highlight the versatility of its dimples that allow straight shots.


  • The classic design makes it easier for players of all skill levels
  • Low spin allows for much easier control
  • Reduced ball spin allows it to travel with minimal swerve


  • The distance is average compared to other golf balls

For golfers that are aiming for enhanced control with their golf shots, then the Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls may be the best solution. It is designed with anti-spin in mind, therefore, it could serve best for beginners.

However, it does not travel as far in terms of distance when we compared it to other golf balls. But for beginners, the average distance should be made up by the increased control that these golf balls can provide.

 7  Volvik Crystal Golf Balls – Best Three Layer Golf Ball

The Volvik Cyrstal Golf balls are an interesting model in which the distance, the feeling in the hit, and the control are optimally combined. This ball is composed of three layers and has Power Reaction Core technology.

This system allows you to manufacture softballs inside, but firmer as you move towards the outer layers. The Volvik internal cover increases ball speeds and the softcover provides a very good feel with a longer short play roll for aggressive shooting.

As for the aerodynamics of this ball, its structure reduces drag and promotes strong trajectories in different wind conditions. This system has got a well-designed surface, which has got dimples that lower the air resistance and hence reduce drag as well.

This makes it good for long shots for in inclement weather conditions. And it also comes in various rainbow neon colors for players who want blue, green, or even pink golf balls.


  • The three-layer design works well for different skill levels
  • The pack comes in a plethora of colors
  • Has a great balance of feel, control, and softness


  • The swing must be hard to put distance for chips and other short game shots

The Volvik Cyrstal Golf balls are for golfers who want to add a bit more color to their game. While the rainbow of neon colors are great for fairway visibility, what really makes the Volvik balls stand out is their great balance of the feel and control.

It is soft enough, while still maintaining a good amount of control for newbie golfers. Beginners should be satisfied with these golf ball’s performance.

 8  Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Best Cheaper Soft Golf Balls

Callaway’s super softball was, at the time, the ball with the most popular for beginners designed by the brand to date. This model is designed with an ultra-compression core that offers golfers more travel in each stroke.

The outer layer is designed to compress as well, which further maximizes the distance that it can travel. The ball is also made with a soft cover, which improves its durability.

The pack includes a dozen ultra-soft golf balls of very high quality, which should last players quite some time. Each of them consists of two layers of maximum durability.

One of the most interesting points of this golf ball is the broad trajectory it has on the fairway: this good travel distance that it has got makes it very popular among a lot of players. And while it may have the previous generation’s design and technology, it still offers a respectable amount of control.


  • Price-conscious players will love this
  • The soft outer layer is ideal for power shots
  • Great for faster ball speeds


  • Has got the last generation’s design and technology

Callaway is known for its soft golf balls. And the Callaway Supersoft golf balls will not disappoint new golfers.

Though, with its cheaper price, you may be a bit hesitant to purchase due to it lacking somewhat in terms of ball and spin control. And it is this previous generation design, which makes the Supersoft golf balls cheaper than the others on this list.

 9  Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – Best Overall Golf Balls for Beginners

The golf ball that has been released by the popular manufacturer Titleist is ideal for beginners and those who are practicing their swing movements and plays.

It is ideal for a lot of fairway play, whether it is the long game such as drive shots or the short game such as for putting. This makes it a popular practice ball for a lot of veteran players as well.

The Titleist Pro V1X premium golf ball brand is one of the best on the market. And it has earned that reputation to very consistent performance. It is a product with a soft touch, yet still provides excellent control and extensive durability. It comes in a pack of twelve golf balls and in the traditional white color.


  • Best in terms of golf ball performance
  • Consistent travel, distance, and control
  • Firm enough for good control but feels soft when hitting


  • Technology and design from the previous generation

If you do not mind getting last year’s design and technology, the Titleist Pro V1X is the best in their class.

The control, travel distance and feel of the ball are great for players of any skill levels. And while veteran players swear by the performance of these balls, beginners should also find it easier to hit as well.

 10  Vice Pro Golf Balls – Best Soft Golf Ball for Short Game

The Vice Pro Golf balls are designed to achieve the maximum compression when it is hit. This translates into a good tolerance to the impacts of a swing, for example, which tend to be performed with greater force than to cover a short distance, such as when players are chipping.

This quality makes it possible for new players, who prefer a softer golf ball. Its behavior during the flight will generally be very adequate for the short game.

On the other hand, due to its design and characteristics of the compressed core, which is considered as a softball, this means that at the moment of the blow a wide area of the ball will come into contact with the surface of the club.

This allows it to be hit by the several grooves of the club’s surface and therefore it is possible to apply greater force to the ball during the swing.

This, however, can make it lose control for longer and powerful shots, such as when you are using your driver. This is used by many players to create reverse effects when the ball reaches the green.

On the other hand, it gives a good feeling of control in the game, which for several players is very attractive, something that we cannot forget that forms an important part of this sport.


  • It is a ball that offers a good swing experience by providing softness
  • Due to its compression can help to achieve greater distance
  • Very good control makes it great for a short game around the green


  • Control not very good for the long game especially in varying fairway conditions

Players who want an excellent softball will find the Vice Pro golf balls more than adequate to the task. While it has got good compression, this makes it fall in terms of performance for the long game. The lack of control for long-distance shots makes it harder to hit. However, for the short game, it performs admirably.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners: Buyer’s Guide

Beginners may have a harder time picking out golf balls for a number of reasons. For those who have not yet fully immersed in the world of golf, the purchase of golf balls may seem a trivial issue.

Best Golf Balls Reviews

However, the purchase of this item should not be taken lightly, as there are different types of balls as many as we find different types of golf clubs. This leaves players in a confusing position of having to choose between the wide variety offered by the market in terms of models, brands, and specifications.

The choice of the most appropriate golf ball depends on various factors such as the number of layers, the materials of its cover and mantle or its weight and size.

All of them make it easier for you to find the most appropriate golf balls, both at the level of the game and the technique of each player. For example, beginner players who want to get more control should consider a firmer golf ball.


Golfers should consider the price of the golf balls foremost. You can easily lose a pack of a dozen golf balls to hazards on the fairway. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the different features that each price point of golf balls offers.

You wouldn’t want to sink your hard-earned money on expensive golf balls only to find out that they may not be the best one for your skill level.

Types of Golf Balls

One piece: They are usually the cheapest models of golf balls. They are ideal for beginners. They have a soft feel and simple construction.

Two layers: They are composed of a solid core of hard plastic, combine durability and distance and are the cheapest options, they are soft and firm on contact, although they are not very good for the turn.

Three layers: They offer a better-controlled spin. They have a rubber core, rubber liquid layer, and another cover to complete three layers. They are softer than the previous two.

Five layers: It is softer in the outer layer but is firm at the center has better performance than the previous ones and a higher level of rotation. They are for purely professional use.

Number of Dimples

The number of dimples and the dimensions of these also influence our game, because with a higher number we will obtain more stability in the flight. In fact, there are ultra-distance balls with fewer dimples and greater weight, designed to reach farther distances when it is very windy.

Firmness or Rigidity

Golf balls can range in firmness, from soft to hard. Firmer golf balls provide more control. However, they may be a bit too hard to hit for beginners. Beginners should instead consider softballs since they are easier to hit.

Specifically what this means is that softballs will compress more when it is hit, which transfers more force of the swing to the actual golf ball itself. The compression of soft golf balls also means that it will hit more of the surface of the golf club. All of these factors make soft golf balls travel further.


Each golf ball has got a different spin to it. This is due to the design of the golf ball’s surface, such as the placement of the dimples. The less drag than a golf ball has, the more straight its travel will be.

Golfers should consider getting a five-piece or layer golf ball. This is because each of the pieces of the golf ball, especially the outer layer are designed to reduce the amount of drag.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners: FAQs

☑️ What Does Compression in Golf Balls Mean?

It refers to the measure of the press that the ball suffers when it is hit. Almost all ball models have a compression between 50 and 100.

☑️ What Sizes Do Golf Balls Come In?

Although there are several measures, the standard is located at 1.68 inches. A good golf ball should not have a larger diameter than this.

☑️ What Is the Ideal Weight for Golf Balls?

It must not be greater than 1.62 ounces.

☑️ What Are Golf Ball Dimples?

Dimples are the grooves on the surface of the ball. They reduce air drag and thus reduce spin as well. They must be placed symmetrically.

☑️ What Are the Common Golf Ball Properties?

A golf ball that goes far in terms of distance will always be a good option. Look also at the turn and the control.

☑️ What Color Do Golf Balls Come In?

Most are white, but you will find them yellow, orange, green, pink, among other varieties.


Remember, golf balls all have got different qualities which are suitable for different players. For example, beginner players usually want to maximize distance for their long game first. This means that they should choose golf balls that are soft or will compress a lot when it is hit by their swing.

For this purpose, golf balls such as the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are great soft golf balls. But not all softballs are good for the long game, such as the Vice Pro Balls, since they lack control. If you are a beginner player looking for more control, then picking firmer golf balls such as the Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls could be your best pick.

Otherwise, beginner golfers who want to get the most balanced features should consider practicing with the Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls. We hope that our list of the best golf balls for beginners has helped you out!

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