12 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers 2021

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

The right choice of golf balls is vital to the overall golfing experience.

If you are a beginner, there are always several aspects of the game you need to get right if you desire to start on the right footing.

One of them is knowing how to pick the right balls because with the wrong ball choice, you can hate yourself for not making good progress on the green when it is your ball that is letting you down.

In this piece, we will give a detailed review of the best golf balls for average golfers, including a detailed guide on how to buy the best golf balls as wells as few frequently asked question regarding the topic so that you are well equipped with all you need to choose the types of balls that will enhance, and not hinder your golfing experience.

Quick Overview – Top 5 Best Golf Bags for Average Golfers

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior Generation
Supersoft Golf Balls
  • Feel: Softest
  • Spin: Higher
  • Flight: Straight

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TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls, White (One Dozen), Large
TaylorMade Project (a)
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: Less
  • Dimple: 322

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Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White
Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft
  • Feel: Soft
  • Spin: Lower
  • Flight: Straight

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Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers In 2021

There are various types of golf balls available in the market today. Unlike in other ball games where any ball can be used, golf has different sets of balls ideal for different kinds of players and different experience levels.

There are also golf balls designed for different kinds of plays. As such, choosing the right golf ball is some kind of art, because depending on your specific situation, not all balls will apply to you.

If you consider yourself as an average golfer, here is a detailed review of the top ten golf balls guaranteed to give you a good experience on the greens.

 1  Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls – Having a Higher Swing Speed

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls top our list of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2020. It is not only the product of a renowned golf accessories manufacturer but also many pro golfers swear by it as a great choice for intermediate golfers looking forward to taking their golfing game to the next level.

Ultra-Low 35 Compression Core: This is a vital feature that helps the ball to produce very low spins on the drive, just as most intermediate golfers will always want.

Soft Trionomer Cover: This ball’s construction features a two-piece ball with a very soft and tender Trionomer cover. This grants it an extra soft feel and a relatively smoother spin when putting or chipping.

Straight and Long Distances: Apart from getting the low spins from the low compression, these balls also produces longer and straight spins due to their improved HEX aerodynamic technology.

The Good

The low spins, Trionomer cover, and the improved Hex aerodynamic technology makes the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls highly ideal for golfers who desire balls that can give straight and longer flights when hit.

The Bad

This is not one of the cheapest golf balls in this category, and so it may not be pocket-friendly to golfers on a budget.


  • Has a super soft feel
  • Very high-quality golf ball
  • Suitable for intermediate, senior golfers


  • They don’t offer very straight off performance right off the tee

The Callaway Super Soft Balls have enviable features that are greatly desirable for intermediate and senior golfers. Though it is not among the cheap options, its performance is worth the price for any average golfer who wants to take their game to the next level.

 2  TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball – Best Balls for Senior

If you are an intermediate golfer looking for a golf ball that has been specifically built for longer and straighter distances, then you have every reason to strongly consider the Taylor Made Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball.

Flexible 5-Layer Ball: The ball has a total of five layers which not only means a lot of diversity for the ball but also implies a maximum spin, higher velocity, and maximum distances.

Urethane Cover: The urethane cover helps to improve the spin on the greens as well as the spin on wedges and short irons.

Tri-Fast Core: The ball features a three-piece tri-fast core designed to reduce the spin of the ball just off the tee.

Great Feel: Another notable feature of the Taylor Made Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is the unique feel it comes with.

This will not necessarily enhance the performance of the ball, but it will create a good feeling when you release the ball off the tee and when you see it rolling on the ground. Additionally, this is one feature you will truly appreciate if you are after short game shots.

The Good

The Taylor Made Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls have the spin, trajectory, feel and the distance you would admire as an intermediate golfer. Its construction that features multiple layers, the urethane cover, and the tri-fast core are also enviable features that all contribute to a great experience on the green.

The Bad

If you are looking for swings for more than 100 mph, then this may not be a very good ball choice for you.


  • Affordable
  • Has high ball flight
  • Comes with more carry, hence, longer distances


  • Not ideal if you have a severe hook or slice problems

The Taylor Made Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball if one of the best golf balls you will ever find if you are looking for ideal balls for short games. Besides, it is relatively priced, and this makes it within the price range of most beginner golfers on a budget.

 3  Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls – Great Value and Great Ball at Any Price

Wilson Staff Elite Golf Balls belong to the distance golf ball category, and they are always a great choice for intermediate golfers looking to break the barrier to pro levels.

Two-Piece Golf Ball Construction: This creates the perfect balance lower drive spins and high greenside spins. This makes it possible to achieve some enviable distances and a softer feel with each swing.

Long Carry and Quick Stop: This feature makes them a great choice for both amateurs and intermediate golfers.

Ph.D. Aerodynamics: The ball’s unique flat bottoms and shallow dimples give them the ability to smoothly and swiftly travel through the air without losing any stability.

The Good

One of the leading factors people look for when choosing golf balls, irrespective of the experience levels is speed, durability, and distance. The Wilson Staff Fifty Golf Balls have a perfect blend of those combinations.

The Bad

The balls come in a pack 12 with different colors. Some of the colors are similar to the green, and as such, it may sometimes be difficult to spot the balls while on the course.


  • Guarantees explosive distances
  • They are lower drive spin balls
  • They come with good control and balance


  • Not the best off the tee

If you are a beginner with ambitions of getting to pro quickly and efficiently, then this is one of the best balls types you should get accustomed to during your golf practices.

 4  Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls – A Great Ball for Seniors

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls is a darling among most average golfers and just like the Project (a), it features very low spins of the tee, and they are also priced making them relatively affordable to most intermediate golfers.

Trutouch Core: The design and the construction of the balls feature Truetouch core that comes with new, larger and low compression. This is how it manages to achieve low spins and longer distances.

Truflex Cover: The ball’s construction also features the new TruFlex cover that is designed to give extremely soft feels when on the green as well as a short game spin for enhanced performance.

Trusoft Flight: The construction of these balls features advanced aerodynamics which guarantees maximum distances with a regular and piercing ball flight.

The Good

The design and construction of the ball’s core, cover and flight features are the attributes that make it such a darling to most average golfers. It offers a little bit of everything, leading to an overall great experience on the green.

The Bad

If you are looking for a ball that will deliver the straightest or the longest paths right off the tee, then this is not one of them.


  • The balls are reasonably priced
  • They have a nice and soft feel
  • They come with great distance control on the green


  • They are not ideal if you like checking when chipping

This is one of the most popular balls among average golfers, and nearly everyone is leaving a positive review for it. If you are an intermediate golfer, then this is one of the best balls you are going to find in the market today.

 5  TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls – Perfect Ball for the Average Golfer

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls are tour-style balls ideal for competitive amateur golfers. The balls are rated as 8 to 18 handicaps, making them one of the best options for mid handicappers, especially for golfers interested in more spins.

Urethane Cover: The construction of the balls isn’t too complicated, but they come with a urethane cover that makes a big difference in the spin.

Quick Stopping Properties: The use of the urethane cover also gives the balls a grippy feel and the ability to stop quickly just like the tour balls.

Dual-Distance Core: The ball features a total of 322 dimple patterns used to reduce the drag so that the ball can achieve more distance and speed.

The Good

The urethane cover, the quick stopping capabilities, and the dual distance core put the ball in the same category as tour golf balls, hence, delivering all the benefits of such balls, but with the addition of being relatively affordable compared to the tour balls.

The Bad

The urethane cover of these balls tends to scuff off easily, and this may impact their longevity of you are a regular golfer.


  • The urethane cover makes them feel like tour balls
  • They have an excellent spin on chip shots
  • They have a great price to performance ratio


  • Low-quality urethane cover

If you are looking for an affordable ball that will give you the feel and experience of a tour ball, then you have every reason to consider TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls.

 6  Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – Fast Swing Speed Golf Balls

Titleist is an extremely popular brand among intermediate golfers and it is no wonder that one of their balls makes it to the list of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2020. The balls are versatile, and though they are recommended for amateur golfers, they can be used by golfers of all skill levels.

Great Distance: The balls are designed to give more and enough driving lengths than most of the distance oriented balls you will come across in the market.

Single-Core and Softcover: The balls feature a very soft feel, as well as very good controls.

Durable: You will enjoy prolonged use of the balls with the retaining their brighter and whiter looks on the greens.

The Good

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are not necessarily an average golfers’ balls, but they will suit the golfing needs of all skill levels. If you are looking for great distances, good control, and durability in your balls, then these balls will score highly in your list.

The Bad

The balls seem to be a little too expensive, but their performance is par with the prices.


  • Have a soft and flexible feel
  • They have exceptional distance
  • Come with great durability


  • They are not cheap

The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls may be slightly priced, but they come with an amazing performance on the greens. Besides, they have the versatility to help you transition smoothly from pro to intermediate levels without necessarily having to buy new pro balls.

 7  Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls – Great Distance and Feel

Bridgestone e12 Golf Soft Golf Balls were designed to reduce spins on long drives as well as long irons. On longer shots, the balls have longer penetration without a lot of movement to the left or the right.

The balls are also softer when compared to pure distance balls, and this makes it feel as if you are hitting a little rock whenever the iron makes contact.

Ionomer Cover: Instead of urethane cover, the balls have ionomer cover which gives them a softer feeling and also makes them suitable for mid handicappers interested in some distances off the tee.

Straighter Flight: The balls are designed to give straighter flights, and if you are also hoping for a straight distance, then you will have to work on controlling the spins.

The straight ball’s flight is mainly due to the ball’s mantle cover incorporated in its construction.

Improved Performance: These balls are just the right sizes for mid to high handicap players looking to improve their performances.

The Good

The balls’ design features advanced Mantle Layer Design as well as an ionomer cover which gives it straighter flights with excellent performance when hitting with moderate swings.

The Bad

The balls get scratches easily and this may dent their aesthetic appearance and performance on the green after being used for just a short while.


  • Flies straight and provides more distance
  • Comes with improved performance
  • Ideal for average weekend golfers


  • Get scratches easily

The Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls are highly recommended for average weekend golfers who desire balls that will achieve straight flights and more distances.

 8  Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls – Value for Money

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are ideal for golfers in need of balls with perfect swings and fewer spins. Their construction, features, and performance also make them a favorite for many beginners and intermediate golfers keen on sharpening their putting skills.

Softer & Thinner Ionomer Cover: The ball’s cover features a softer and thinner ionomer cover believed to be 5% softer and thinner than what you will find in most golf balls.

Aerodynamic Dimples: This design allows for better and more consistent experience in addition to allowing for very good speeds. The ball features a total of 324 dimples that have been crafted carefully to allow for more surface coverage.

Two-Piece Construction: This makes it possible for the ball to have low spins when traveling in the air.

The Good

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls feature a cover with a reduced thickness, aerodynamic dimples, and a reduced compression, which amongst other things allow the balls to have low spins, cover longer distances, and give very good speeds.

The Bad

There have been questions about the ball’s durability, but this is mainly dependent on one’s golfing frequency.


  • Softer feel
  • Lower compression
  • Low spins


  • A few doubts about its durability

This is one of the best golf balls for amateurs in the industry. It comes with decent quality, great performance on the green, and most importantly, it is very affordable.

 9  Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Golf Balls – Comfortable Hit and Easy to See

The Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Golf Balls are perhaps one of the most aesthetically appealing golf balls you will ever have on the greens. They not only feature matte finishes in a variety of colors but also they have the qualities every average golfer may need for a great experience on the green.

Quality Matte Finishes: The balls feature a patented high visibility matte finishes in eleven different colors. They not only look beautiful but will also be noticeable on the green so that you don’t have to worry about missing balls during or after the game.

Three-Piece Construction: They are designed as such to produce a lower driver spin with a mid to high ball flight.

Oversized Core: This is to give more distance with impressive speeds of between 70 – 100 mph.

The Good

The balls are pleasing to look at, won’t get lost easily on the green, and they are designed for the best performance, especially for beginner and intermediate golfers.

The Bad

Since they are very cheap, some golfers shun them thinking that they are of low quality.


  • Unique matte finishes
  • Affordable
  • High greenside spin


  • Mistaken for low quality because of their price

If you need affordable, high quality and aesthetically appealing golf balls to sharpen your golfing skills, then the Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Golf Balls will be a very good choice for you. Besides, they also come with all the performance features you will need for a great experience.

 10  Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls – High Performance Golf Balls

To close our list of the best golf balls for average golfers is the Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Ball. The Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls come with a great deal of control, distance and a horde of decisive advantages you will not be getting in most of the average golf balls.

Gradational Core: The ball features a Gradational Compression core that gives it more distance, initial speed, and lower side spin.

SlipRes Cover: This comes with more control and added feel due to increased friction by the proprietary urethane cover used in the ball’s design and construction.

Dual Dimples: The dual dimples come with enhanced aerodynamics which makes the ball gain some extra distance.

In addition to the extra distance, the enhanced aerodynamics also increases the ball’s trajectory due to less drag when the ball is in the air.

The Good

The seamless cover, the dual dimple design, and the gradational core are very strong features that elevate these balls above most of the best golf balls for average golfers we have encountered in this list. It is an ideal choice for intermediate golfers who want and demand more on the green.

The Bad

Some of the balls in the pack may come with an uneven number of groves, and this may hamper the overall performance of the individual balls.


  • Gradational core construction
  • Dual dimples for enhanced aerodynamics
  • Consistent flight and performance


  • The uneven number of groves in some balls in the pack

Of all the golf balls reviewed above, the Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls strike the right notes when it comes to versatility, performance, and price. It will be a great addition to your golfing gear if you are looking for a go-to ball you can rely upon to improve your golfing skills.

 11  TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen) – Ever Popular Amongst Regular Golfers

With TaylorMade establishing a legacy for itself ever since 1979, you will not be surprised that these golf balls uphold their reputation of making quality golf equipment. With TaylorMade pushing the limits of what golf as a sport are, you can rest assured you will get great use out of these golf balls.

The manufacturing and quality of these golf balls is great, and each one will perform beautifully with each shot you take.

Quality Golf Balls – The design of each ball in this set is made so that you get the greatest distance possible from each shot. Every ball is easy to play with and will perform to the highest tier of play.

Aerodynamic – These TaylorMade balls are made with special aspects in mind. One such is the thin cover and low drag aerodynamics that are offered by the REACT Speed Core within the ball. This feature allows you to get the most velocity out of each hit of the ball and send it even further than standard balls.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)
6,500 Reviews
TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • REACT Speed Core offers high speed
  • Low-drag cover and aerodynamics for more distance
  • Short game performance with a soft feel around the greens

Great Short Game Performance – The performance that you will see in the short game is wonderful, as you can get a soft feel around greens and get the ball going with little effort.

The Good

With a well-made construction and technology built in that will help in getting the ball further down the course than other balls, you can rest assured you will get a good game out of these when picking these up. These balls can be a great partner for average golfers.

The Bad

Only a set of 12 balls, and some golfers have complained that the dimples on the ball are a bit shallow.


  • Low price at less than $1 per ball
  • Good performance for the price


  • Shallow dimples not for all

No products found.

 12  Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls, Pack of 12

These are some of the best golf balls that an average golfer can get this year. Not only are they the classic white color, but they offer superior performance and astounding durability for a golf ball. As you can tell by their name, they are self-correcting golf balls, which means that even with a bad shot these balls can straighten themselves out and offer a great shot.

With advanced technology built into each and every ball, you will notice that even if you get a hook or slice from the tee your ball will still fly true and straight. This is due to the unique construction of the ball which consists of 2 different pieces – a central core covered by an outer later.

Technologically Advanced – Every ball in this set from Polara comes with built-in technology that will assist in keeping your ball straight and getting it to its intended target. You can point the arrow on the ball right at the target or line it with the center of the fairway. This will ensure that your ball flies straight and true every time.

Less Lift – One thing that these balls pack is the feature of less aerodynamic lift. That ensures that the ball suffers less hooks and slices by cutting down on the lift that it experiences. This means that a slice that would go 100 feet will instead go only 25 feet and keep your ball out of the rough and in the fairway.

A Better Game – Because of the self-correcting nature of these Polara golf balls they are a wonderful choice for recreational golfers and average golfers who are just looking to enjoy a day out on the course.

Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls, Pack of 12
2,799 Reviews
Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls, Pack of 12
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting Golf Balls are for the golfer whose problem is...
  • HOW IT WORKS: From the tee, point the arrow on the ball directly at your target, or line it up with the center of...
  • LESS AERODYNAMIC LIFT: Our Straight Self Correcting Golf Balls fly so straight because they exhibit less...

The Good

These balls are a great choice for average golfers. They bring benefits such as cutting as much as 45 minutes off of a round of golf, and reduce the risk of getting lost due to their self-correcting nature. By cutting slices and hooks up to 75%, you will see instant improvement in your game.

The Bad

While these balls are a fantastic choice for average and recreational golfers, they are considered “illegal” and cannot be used in tournament play. That shouldn’t be an issue for most, though.


  • Amazing self-correcting balls instantly improve your game
  • Confidence builder due to how straight your shots will fly
  • Great for golfers who tend to slice balls


  • “Illegal” balls not to be used in tour play

No products found.

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers: Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have an idea of some of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2020, it also pays to know how to choose the right balls from the market so that you have the freedom and the versatility to look beyond this list if you choose to.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

When shopping for a ball ideal for average golfers, here is a brief look at some of the factors you should consider:

Your Level of Skills

There are various types of golf balls available in the market today, and as noted earlier, these balls are available according to one’s skills on the green.

As such, there is balls ideal for beginners, intermediate and pro golfers. Consequently, when shopping for golf balls, concentrate your focus on balls specifically designed for your skill level.

The Feel

The feel is rather personal preference and is bound to vary from one golfer to another, but it is another factor to consider when shopping for golf balls, especially for average golfers.

You must choose a ball that will give you a lot of confidence when hitting since this is vital in elevating your confidence as a golfer.

The Compression Rating/Hardness

If you have a good idea of your average swing speed with the driver you usually use, then you must find a golf ball with the matching compression rating. In most cases, golfers with higher swing speeds will tend to achieve more distance if they use balls with higher compression ratings.

On the other hand, golfers with slow swing speeds will achieve better distances with balls that have lower compression ratings.

Therefore, learn your average swing speeds and use it to guide you on settling on the ball with the right compression rating.

The Spin

The spin of a golf ball is like a double-edged sword. When you don’t want it, you can end up with more than you need, and when you are desperate for it, you may never get enough of it.

Measuring spin is not the hardest thing if you have access to the right equipment. As far as the spin goes, you should have the following in mind:

Short Game Spin – This is better if you are desperate for more control on the greens or you are looking for more distance off the tee.

Driver Spin – When it comes to driver spin, less is always better. This is because a backspin on a drive may make the ball go up higher in the skies and then fall shorter.

Low spin, on the other hand, can help to promote a straighter trajectory that will make the ball stay longer in the air.

Iron Spin – Most players never give iron spin a lot of thought, and this is where most budding golfers go wrong.

A perfect balance is always needed for better results. If you give the iron shot too much spin, the ball may balloon up high the same way if you had a lot of driver spin.

This will reduce the distance, and if you are playing against the wind, you will have a real nightmare. On the converse, having too little spin on the iron will make the ball to continue rolling without stopping on the green.

The Price

The price is another factor worth considering when choosing the best golf balls for average golfers. Always remember that cheap may sometimes be expensive and that expensive golf balls are not necessarily the best balls.

Check out all the features and choose those with a good balance between performance and the price.

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers: FAQs

Here is a brief look at some of the questions you are likely to encounter when shopping or researching about the best golf balls for average golfers:

☑️ What is the average golf handicap?

The average golf handicap is around 16–20 for average golfers. In simple terms, this implies that an average player can score up to 90 when playing on average courses.

☑️ What is the average golfer swing speeds?

The average golfer swing speeds range between 80 mph and 95mph.

☑️ How far do average golfers hit it?

Studies on driving distances for average golfers show that an average male golfer can hit a distance of up to 220 yards.


Hopefully, you now have an idea of the best golf balls for average golfers in 2020, and you also know what to look for when you go shopping for ideal balls for average golfers.

From the list above, our top recommendation for the best golf balls for average golfers in 2020 would be the TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls.

It has the distance, feel, control and the dynamics any average golfer may desire for an awesome performance on the green. It is also relatively priced to mean that most average golfers can get it without thinking too much about the price.

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