ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder: Our Honest Opinion & Who it is for

You no longer need to search for a 150-yard stone or a sprinkler head and scanning the yardage from there, guessing at where your pin is and trust that you’ve done the correct calculation. When a golfer of today gets to their golf ball, they pull out a rangefinder and do their thing with more accuracy. Shooting the yardage to the pin has never been that easy!

With the current boom in the popularity of golf finders, there has been an outburst in offerings with varying quality, features, and prices. However, do you have to dish out $300+ to access a good rangefinder? In our honest opinion, the 650-yard ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder is among the best on the market.

ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder, 650 Yards Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration Golf...
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ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder, 650 Yards Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration Golf...
  • [Lock on Flag Only] At under $100, our laser rangefinder is one of the few modes that can accurately find and lock...
  • [Measure the correct distance] The range finder has a range of 650 yards and an accuracy of 0.5 yards. It is not...
  • [Safe Measurement] when long range measurement is realized. We also pay attention to the safety of using the...

Target users

Both an intermediate and beginner golfer will find the 650-Y ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder ideal for them. The garget comes with an easy-to-understand manual, making the ACEGMET suitable for even a novice golfer. Moreover, the garget has excellent accuracy, hence further helping a newbie golfer get everything right.

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Key Features

  • 905 NM laser tube technology for preventing accidents
  • 650-yards range
  • 5-yards accuracy
  • Approximately 10.72 ounces weight
  • pulse vibration and flag lock: 650Y ACEGMET vibrates when locked on the flag
  • long battery life (due to the automatic shut down after six seconds of inactivity feature)
  • USB Li-ion Battery
  • 6×Magnification

Many of the range finders on the market have similar features. Thus, choosing the right one is not always a walk in the park, especially when your budget is low. However, we have tried to single out the following unique, distinguishing features of the 650Y ACEGMET Rangefinder.

Lock-on feature

While a golf rangefinder may purport to have a feature that locks on the flag, some only lock the grass in real action. The reputable 650Y ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder can measure any small object in the distance and automatically ignore interference from any surrounding objects. It prioritizes the nearest target for ranging. When locked on the flag, the garget will produce a short vibration for you.

Accurate distance measurement

The ACEGMET has a 650-yards range and 0.5 yards accuracy. It is not enough to accurately measure your distance to the hole. Since when you hit the ball, it flows in a parabola, more so the hole being on a ramp, you might have measured a significantly inaccurate distance.

ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder compensates for about 20% slope distance. This garget can help you choose the right shot strength and correct club model when you want to hit the ball.

Rechargeable battery delivers long life

With 650Y ACEGMET, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the remaining power in your batteries or the cost of new ones. The device gets its electrical power from the lithium-ion battery (internal) that provides long periods of use on just one charge and charges quickly. It has an indicator light feature that will notify you when the battery needs recharging. However, most users have discovered that they play many golf rounds between charges.

When it needs recharging, maybe at work, home, or driving to the course, 650Y ACEGMET comes with a USB cable. Its battery lasts long; hence you are unlikely to worry about replacing it any time soon once you buy the complete set of the device.

Safe Measurement

Other than the accuracy of the long-range measurement, the producer of this garget took their time to ensure consumer protection—the product is safe to use. Measurement principles of golf rangefinders are based on how reflected lasers are received. It is intercepted by a filter layer inside the optical system.

Some lasers will still enter the golfer’s eye. Excessive laser power can damage your eyes. Fortunately, ACEGMET utilizes the stable 905 NM technology to avert any eye injuries.


ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder is compact and stress-free to carry. Its single-button design means you don’t need both hands to operate. Other than offering objective, fast measurement functions, the product also factors in the time of use.  650-Y ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder will shut down automatically after six seconds of inactivity, improving the battery durability.

6× optical magnification

While some rangefinders can’t lock the target quickly, the 6x optical magnification feature in ACEGMET will help you locate the flagpole effortlessly. It provides a decisive view of your target with the most accurate distance reading. Besides, its auto power-saving mode helps to preserve its battery’s energy, enabling you to continue seeing what you want to see for much longer, and its eyepiece’s focal length is adjustable.

Reasonable pricing

650-Y ACEGMET Golf Rangefinder is made tough with fused material. It has long-range and precision that is not easy to match by rangefinders of its level. Yet, it is one of the most affordable. It is the most excellent high-quality rangefinder under $ 100.

You will love its durability and features within such an affordable budget range.


  • Accurate and quick measurements and viewing with a slope adjustment feature
  • Flag lock function
  • Easy to control. It has only one button, making it controllable with even one hand only
  • Longer battery life span, which you can charge using a USB cable
  • Long-range with swift pin-lock mechanisms
  • Easy to carry
  • Good price—less than $100 (compared with its high-quality features and benefits)


  • No anti-fog lenses
  • You may not use it in a tournament—you can’t switch off its slope feature
  • It doesn’t come with extra accessories

Should you purchase one?

The 650Y ACEGMET Golf Rangefinders do just about anything that top-end alternatives do (but for just a fraction of the cost). ACEGMET range view’s excellent accuracy, low price, rechargeable battery, flag lock function, among other unique features, makes it an ideal first option for you. Its value is so tremendous that you could want to purchase two but still save some dollars off the cost price of just a single of many similar types by big-brand competitors.

Among hundreds of models and thousands of brands on the market, we picked 650Y ACEGMET as the best rangefinder for you. We spent our time researching, analyzing, and reviewing it to develop the best recommendation for you, so you don’t have to waste time deciding on a rangefinder that is the perfect match for you.

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