7 Mistakes That Amateur Golfers Make While Putting

Putting on the green is one of the techniques that should be constantly practiced if you want to improve your skills at playing golf. There are no special tricks nor innovative techniques that can make you jump from amateur to pro at putting. You would simply need practice – and a whole lot of them.

1. Too much body movement

It may sound odd but understanding our body movement could be difficult. Any excess movement can throw off a would-be good putt. Most amateurs tend to focus on too many details such as keeping their head down or their shoulders straight. But the most important yet neglected issue is finding the balance when swinging a stroke. You would be surprised how proper body shifting can let you execute a good putt.

2. Settling for okays
At first, it looks exciting to master putting. However, there are challenging moments along the way when you just can’t get the right posture, power, and technique. And in most cases, we settle for an “okay” simply because things are getting difficult and frustrating. By settling for average, you are limiting personal growth and development. You should treat those challenging situations as an opportunity to learn rather than a hindrance.

3. Lacking self-awareness
Even though it is not as noticeable, when it comes to hitting a solid putt, there is rhythm and harmony generated throughout your body. The force and speed of motion from start to end of impact should feel fluid and steady. What many fail to realize is that there should be consistent throughout your swing. You can detect this. But if you do not practice personal awareness, then this can never be determined nor corrected.

4. Fearing to miss and repeat
Whenever we encounter failures, we tend to shy away from our embarrassment. And this is what most amateurs tend to feel given that the skills are not yet as developed as they would expect. There is a tendency for some golfers to draw the club back fast and slow down as it swings forward. Others employ the opposite. Chances are, we miss hitting the ball or end up hitting it awkwardly. Our advice for amateur golfers is to not hesitate is know that every professional golfer underwent the same situation.

5. In a hurry to putt
Putting on the green can look easy but sometimes it is not. The ground will not always be flat 15 meters near the hole. There will always be slopes and curves that could ruin your calculation. So, take the time and read the environment. Manage your time in taking enough look at what you are about to face to avoid misreading. Pause to read and take a pause before you swing. In that brief moment, you could surprisingly land a hole in one.

6. Focusing on wrists and the arms
Some golfers believe that you should primarily focus more on your wrists while some would say it is on the arms. It should be on the shoulder rotation. When you putt, the motion should come from the shoulders. This gives more control and helps maintain a steady balance throughout. Mastering the shoulder is equally important with knowing the right iron to use.

7. Inconsistent practice drills
To be able to get yourself out for practice is one thing. However, if you do not have the correct mindset, the practice would seem irrelevant. The effort that you put into practice should ultimately build up and improve your skill. You would need to understand your weaknesses and be able to establish the proper training drills to get the maximum output.

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